Here at 200m2, we pride ourselves on our creativity and our determination to deliver concepts which meet the most demanding design specifications. Do you need to recreate a fully fitted shop as it would look on a high street? One which could be built and dismantled in just a few hours? 200m2 has over been involved in the production of bespoke exhibition stands for over 20 years.

Brand Projection

Custom or bespoke exhibition stands grab attention.  Just like a top fashion design collection, they are 100% unique.  Custom exhibition stands will enable project your brand in a highly visual and positive way.

Product Showcases

Products come in all shapes and sizes.  Consequently, they need to be displayed in different very ways to quickly communicate their uniqueness.
From water filled tanks which demonstrate the effectiveness of a new marine propeller to a mock-up of a regional airliner, 200m2 will bring your design to life.


You name it, we’ve worked with just about every material you could imagine.  From hard woods and polished steel to elaborate glass exhibition stands, we’ve created displays which ooze luxury and sophistication.  For every build however, recycling and wastage is always a factor. That’s why we have a range of environmentally friendly concepts as well.  We can even design and build your stand in cardboard!

Go Modular

The modular concept is as much about consistency of branding and materials as it is about physical integration. Just because your stand has been prefabricated, that doesn’t mean it cannot still be integrated with other modules.  Designed and built correctly, a co-ordinated range of custom modules can be used in different arrangements depending on the floor space available.  Scale the size of your stand up or down as required.

Fine tune your brief

Understanding your business and your unique selling points are crucial in the brief and design process. Only then can we deliver a stand which enables you to realise your goals. The more we understand you, the more we can refine your stand to meet your objective. Our objective is simple: to deliver a stand which brings you more contacts, first orders and repeat business.

Get started today

Our custom team are ready to start work on your next project. Why not download our custom brief template or call us on 020 333 200 92 to start sketching out your ideas.