Integrated marketing is all about using different vehicles to maximise the impact of a campaign or message.  At 200m2, we understand the importance of exhibition PR in the wider marketing context.

Furthermore, we understand that all of our clients need to prove that each exhibition they attend has met its objectives and delivered a return on the investment.  Exhibition PR can play a key part in this process.  By working with you to define your key messages and audience, we will then ensure that the right media are kept informed.

Over the past twenty years we’ve developed strong relationships with all sorts of media from many different industry sectors.  From travel to marine, aeronautics to IT, printing to the not-for-profit sector, 200m2 is proud of its extensive media contact network.

What’s more, we have a proven track record in working with exhibition and conference organisers from all over the world.  As a result, we ensure that our exhibition clients get a major share of voice in their key media, irrespective of their size or the scale of their presence at the event itself.

It’s all about creating a newsworthy and targeted PR campaign that delivers the right messages to the right audiences.

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