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X-PO Light is an innovative LED (Light Emitting Diode) backlight system for exhibition and display panels. Designed primarily for the exhibition display sector, X-PO Light transforms printed display banners into stunning backlit displays.

Exhibition Panel Lighting

X-PO Light can transform old display banners into highly modern light boxes.  With multiple sizes and combinations available, the X-PO Light system is compatible with all X-Module exhibition trussing products!

X-PO Light Advantages

Exhibtion Stand Light PanelsAs a general rule, exhibition light boxes are extremely expensive.  Typically made from glass, they are usually very heavy and are awkward to assemble, transport and store. X-PO Light is completely different!

Designed to fit behind printed banners, X-PO Light uses low energy LED technology to create extremely effective displays. Given the rigidity of the structure comes from the trussing framework, the lighting element of X-PO Light is extremely lightweight. It is also extremely cost effective and significantly less expensive than traditional back-lit displays.

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    Visually Stunning

    Create stunning displays with LED back-lighting.

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    Structural rigidity comes from the exhibition trussing framework thereby saving weight.

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    Fast Assembly

    Attach the light box behind the display banner. Attach the transformer. Let there be light!

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    Cost Effective

    The most affordable back lighting system for display graphics in the world? We think so!

X-PO Light Compatibility

Photo of X-Module Exhibition TrussingX-PO Light is compatible with the entire X-Module exhibition stand range. There are four solutions in our modular exhibition stand range. From smallest to largest, they are: CROSSwire (X-10), EXPOwire (X-15), TRUSSwire (X-20) and TECHwire (X-25).

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    CROSSwire (X-10)

    10cm x 10cm cross section. Extremely lightweight and easy to transport. Find out more >

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    EXPOwire (X-15)

    15cm x 15cm cross section. EXPOwire is made exclusively from composite materials. Find out more >

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    TRUSSwire (X-20)

    20cm x 20cm cross section. TRUSSwire is the only foldable exhibition trussing available. Find out more >

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    TECHwire (X-25)

    25cm x 25cm cross section. TECHwire is designed for heavy duty staging applications. Find out more >

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Back-lit displays are transforming the exhibitions programmes of many of the world's leading brands. Find out how X-Module solutions could help you take your brand forward into the next age. Call us on 020 333 200 92 to find out more.

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