Exhibition Trussing from 200m2

Exhibition Trussing

Exhibition Trussing From 200m2

Exhibition Trussing From 200m2

Trussing is a rigid framework (made from steel, aluminium or composite materials), which is erected to create a temporary structure.

Exhibition trussing systems, also known as exhibition gantry systems, come in many shapes and sizes.  Some trussing systems (like ours!) can even be used outdoors.

Graphic displays, back-lit displays, shelving and display screens simply attach to the trussing to create a highly professional looking stand.

Why choose Trussing from 200m2?

Not all exhibition truss systems are made equal! Most are made from steel or large bore aluminium tubing. They are very heavy and difficult to transport and set-up / break-down.  What's more, most traditional trussing systems have few accessory packages to fully integrate with signage, electronic displays or hospitality concepts.


200m2's offering is much more refined however being made from both aluminium and a range of composite materials.  Being lighter and easier to assemble, some of our solutions can even be folded for easy transportation and storage.

There are four solutions in the 200m2 trussing range: CROSSwire (X-10), EXPOwire (X-15), TRUSSwire (X-20) and TECHwire (X-25). Designed for different sizes of applications, our solutions combine to create one of the most flexible and scalable exhibition stand systems in the world.

Total Flexibility

Trusswire exhibition stands

From small display panels to large complex structures over two floors, exhibition trussing can be used to create extremely impressive exhibition stands. Flexibility is the main advantage as different lengths of trussing can be used to create structures in virtually any space.

Graphics & Accessories


With our unique system for displaying graphics, artwork simply clips into place to make any structure look very special.  With a full range of accessories, our trussing solutions allow you to add lighting, electronic displays or literature stands with ease.

Unlike other systems, our trussing can be assembled without tools.  Available in a range of colours, each system is also fully weather proof – being as effective outdoors as they are under cover. Being made of composite materials with an aluminum core, our modular concepts are incredibly strong.

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