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Designed for different display sizes, the X-Module family of modular display solutions combine to create one of the most flexible and scalable exhibition stand systems in the world. 200m2 is the only authorised UK partner of X-Module modular exhibition stands.

All of the X-Module models can be categorised as forms of ‘exhibition trussing’ or ‘gantry systems’ which can be quickly configured to create a semi-permanent structure. The main benefit of trussing based systems is that they can be quickly adapted to fit any floor area or height.

X-Module Advantages

Most trussing or gantry systems are made from steel or large bore aluminium tubing. They are very heavy and difficult to set-up / dismantle. What's more, traditional trussing systems do not fully integrate with signage, electronic displays or lighting concepts.

X-Module systems are totally different in that they make extensive use of composite materials. Some of the modules are even foldable for easy transportation and storage. Graphic panels, lighting, shelving and display screens simply attach to the trussing to create a highly professional looking stand. What’s more, X-Module systems can even be used outdoors.

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    Through the extensive use of composite materials, X-Module solutions are extremely strong and are easy to transport.

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    No Tools Required!

    With a range of innovative connectors, all X-Module systems are easy and fast to build without the use of tools.

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    Highly Durable

    Unlike other trussing, our composite materials are impervious to scratching and stay looking fresh for years.

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    Fully weatherproof all X-Module products can be used outdoors without degradation.

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    Huge Range Of Accessories

    Fully integrate your stand with back-lighting, plasma screens, literature holders and counter tops.

Explore the range!

There are four solutions in the X-Module range: CROSSwire (X-10), EXPOwire (X-15), TRUSSwire (X-20) and TECHwire (X-25).

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    CROSSwire (X-10)

    The smallest solution in the range with a cross-section of 10cm x 10cm, X-10 is perfect for smaller displays where load bearing requirements are more modest. Easy to assemble without the need for tools, X-10 is lightweight and extremely versatile.

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    EXPOwire (X-15)

    Slightly larger than CROSSwire at 15cm by 15cm, X-15 is made exclusively from composite materials. It is incredibly lightweight and strong and is perfect for small to medium sized exhibition stands where ease of transportation is all important.

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    TRUSSwire (X-20)

    X-20 is unique in that it is foldable. Consequently it is easy to store and transport at less cost. It’s 20cm by 20cm cross section can carry impressive loads and is the perfect choice for larger exhibition stands incorporating multi-media.

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    TECHwire (X-25)

    Our largest and strongest solution, X-25 is designed for stage shows, catwalks and major outdoor events. The patented turning joint swivel system provides quick and easy handling without tools.

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