Every exhibition stand is different.  Consequently, making your exhibition space stand out from the hundreds of others in a crowded exhibition hall can be a challenge.

Stand design is therefore crucial.  Effective stand design projects credibility, it encourages people open dialogues with you, it maximises footfall and in turn it can lead to new business opportunities.

As exhibition stand designers and exhibition stand contractors, 200m2 has designed and implemented hundreds of stands at exhibitions throughout both the UK and around the world.

Exhibition Stand Design

Working within your space and budgetary constraints, we design stands which meet your specific objectives for the show or event in question.  What’s more with an experienced Computer Aided Design (CAD) team at your disposal, your concepts will quickly come to life.  Your designs can be adapted to your existing stand infrastructure or applied to our extensive range of exhibition stand products.

At 200m2, our ultimate objective is to offer exhibition stand designs and solutions which are tailored to each customer’s specific needs.  Unlike other exhibition stand companies who squeeze new concepts into a small range of exhibition stand products, 200m2’s wide and varied range of solutions enable organisations to scale their exhibition stand needs as new opportunities arise.

What’s more, our exhibition stand hire service enables organisations to add to existing infrastructure which the client may already own.  Married to a comprehensive exhibition print management and audio visual concepts, we will ensure your stand makes an impact.

For a free quotation or to discuss your exhibition stand ideas in more detail, get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you.