200m2 Launches Exhibition Videos Channel On YouTube

200m2 Exhibition Stands has announced the launch of its own video channel on YouTube.  As a leading supplier of modular exhibition stands throughout the UK and Europe,  200m2’s new exhibition stand videos demonstrate the ease with which its modular exhibition stands can be built, dismantled and re-configured for virtually any exhibition space.

Uniquely, 200m2’s modular exhibition stands can be assembled without the use of tools, thanks to a series of innovations which include a patented centre joint fixing mechanism.  200m2’s TRUSSwire solution, which is featured on the new video channel, is also foldable.  Consequently, it is very easy and cost effective to both transport and store.

Exhibition Stand Videos from 200m2Extremely strong yet lightweight, 200m2’s modular frameworks can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to their weather proof composite coatings. Similarly, the printed display panels which simply clip into place between the framework, can be used outdoors thanks to fully photo stable and environmentally friendly printing processes.

Tim Cronin, Managing Director at 200m2 explained “Our modular exhibition stands are unique.  Metre for metre, our concepts can be erected in a fraction of the time that other modular concepts require. Our new promotional videos clearly demonstrate this unique feature.”

“Some other modular exhibition systems sacrifice structural integrity to improve the speed of build.  This is another area where our solutions outperform our competition.  Take our foldable TRUSSwire solution for example which has a load bearing capacity of 400 kgs for a 1m span or 35 kgs for every metre over an 8m span.”

“Savvy organisations are switching to modular exhibition stands because they can adapt their exhibition presence as required.  Consequently, most of our customers buy a ‘base module’ which is suitable for the majority of their requirements and purchase or lease-in additional modules as required.  Exhibition stand rental is now an integral part of our business as it extends the advantages of the modular concept.”

Watch our exhibition stand videos by visiting our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/200m2Exhibitions