Why is branding on your exhibition stand important?

Branding is a way to identify your business; it’s how your customers recognise your company. A strong sense of brand is communicated not only in colours and logos but in customer service, uniforms and all marketing materials.

A well-designed exhibition stand uses branding in an effective way to ensure this form of marketing is cohesive with their business. Branding on an exhibition stand can include: images, colours, fonts, a company message or value, uniforms for staff, business cards or even how you display your products. These work really well together to help brand your stand in a positive way for customers.

Make It Memorable

Branding your stand with your business in general means that people can associate your stand with a website or a business card. The will remember a positive experience at your stand so then when they see an ad for your website or happen to visit your site the memories of your stand will come flooding back as they see the same brand colours, logo and fonts. You could even put your branding onto free items such as stationery to help consumers remember and think of your brand.

Encourage Trust

In order to build a relationship with a consumer there must be an element of trust. A strong brand identity can help to build this, they can see that you have spent time and money on your branding, this tells them that you are a legitimate company but also a reputable company as you have spent your money on this branding. After the trade show they may visit your website with the same branding, this will help alleviate risk from their buying process.

Be Unique

Your branding helps set your business apart from the crowd whether that be from competitors or in a hall full of exhibition stands. Your colour combination and images is what makes your stand and your business in general stand out.

Your business’s branding is so important to take into consideration when you are designing your banners and your marketing material for your exhibition stand, keep them in line with your business and its main values. Create a cohesive flow of marketing materials all in line with your business. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of an exhibition make your brand and your values slip.