Case Study: X-10 CROSSwire for UPGrade Bikes


UPGrade Bikes is a distributor for cycling brands as well as stocking their own in-house brands. They recently used our X-10 CROSSwire stand at the cycle show in the NEC Birmingham and were kind enough to share photos and even a video of their experience at the show.

The X-10 CROSSwire is a modular exhibition stand, which means it can be rearranged to fit different floor space and reach different heights. It is a great stand for display towers and point of sales displays, it can also be used not only indoors but outdoors as well because of the sturdy design.

“At Upgrade Bikes Ltd we attend two or three major exhibitions a year where we use the X10 CROSSwire system as the framework for our self-built stand designs. We love the fact that it’s easy to store and transport, fast to build and breakdown and looks professional every time. Combined with high quality printed banners, X10 CROSSwire allows us new designs each time and affords enormous savings over contracted stand builds. We regularly recommend 200m2 Exhibition Ltd to others and are very happy to do so here too.” – Rory Hitchens, Senior Marketing Manager at UPGrade Bikes

UPGrade Bikes also created a video of the X-10 CROSSwire stand in action at the NEC, it is worth a watch to see how they personalised and set up their stand:

We would love to hear from you if you’ve used any of our equipment for your exhibitions, and if you would like any more information about the X-10 CROSSwire contact us.