How to choose which trade shows to attend?

Here at 200m2 Exhibitions, we often get asked the same series of questions when exhibitors are upgrading their exhibition stand infrastructure.  One of the most common questions we hear at this time of year is “How should we choose which shows to attend?”

The fact that your company operates in a particular sector (e.g. real estate), does not mean that every event with ‘real estate’ in the title or description will be relevant.  If you’re thinking of exhibiting at a show for the first time, do your due diligence first!  When looking at a new trade show, ask yourself the following questions.  And keeping asking these questions until you receive some favourable responses!

  • Will this show attract the type of visitor we want to meet?
  • How many of our competitors attend this show?
  • What stand numbers are free and who is next door?
  • How do the costs stack up against the next best alternatives?

Industry-specific gatherings can really help:

  1. If a company is launching a new brand / product they provide a forum to launch to a specific audience (trade, consumer or both)
  2. If a company has an immediate tactical need (e.g. stock to shift by a certain date)
  3. If a company needs to broaden its network – often excellent relationships can be initiated as a result of exhibiting alongside other exhibiting companies

Test the track-record/credibility of the event!

Is the event established in the sector?  Does it attract repeat participation by the same exhibitors?  Is the show properly promoted?  If so, where is the evidence!

As a participating exhibitor, you want to be sure that the organiser is spending real money to attract the right audience.  Ask the event organiser to supply you with copies of the media plans used to support recent events and example copies of the media coverage received.  If they cannot provide this, you may think it wise to steer clear!

Here at 200m2, we have over 20 years experience in the exhibitions industry.  If you need any pointers in choosing the right programme or the kinds of exhibition stands to use, we’d be happy to talk through any queries which you may have. Call us on +44 (0)20 333 200 92 anytime!