Ensure that Your Exhibition Results are Measurable

It’s important to create measurable actions in order to determine your success and ROI at an exhibition or event.

What you want to achieve from your next exhibition will determine what factor you want to track and how you will ensure this is measurable.

Generating Sales

An exhibition can also be an opportunity to sell to a whole new audience, however, this may only be relevant to a few businesses with physical products to sell or simple services.

But, if you are one of the lucky few businesses to be able to physically sell at an exhibition, it is a great way to track and measure the success of that show.

You can do this by tracking the number of sales you make, the profit made and then ultimately what your return on investment is for the day.

Use a similar, if not the same, system that you use day to day in your office, whether this is your tablet or a written document. Ensure you record all of this data appropriately.

Lead Generation

An exhibition is a perfect opportunity for a spot of lead generation, whether it’s for marketing purposes or even direct sales, it is always useful.

Lead Generation can take many different forms, you could collect business cards, ask visitors to fill out a survey on your tablet, or ask them to enter competitions.

This is a really simple way to measure the success of an event. Every business knows the worth of one of their customers, so you should be able to decide how much you would be willing to pay for one new prospect.

Once you know the cost you’re willing to pay for one prospect, you can then work out how many prospects you want to get from that one event. You’re then able to work out your success and importantly your ROI.

Social Media Activity

Social Media is a great tool to raise brand awareness and build connections at an exhibition, it can also provide you with a means to measure that brand awareness.

This is notably the most difficult factor to track as brand awareness has no generic metrics in order to track. However, you can track social media hashtags, mentions of your business name or any phrase of your choice. This can help determine whether there has been an increase in conjunction with the event.