Exhibition booths help Braun achieve success

Electronics brand Braun enjoyed a large turnout at its exhibition booth at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes with a high influx of European visitors.

Its exhibition stand had 57% of its total visitors across the four-day event come from Europe, more than last year’s event (42%). Its other share of visitors came from Asia Pacific (16%), Americas (13%), Middle East (12%), and a lower turnout coming from African visitors (2%, compared to 7% the year previous).


The brand said it had less airline buyers at its booth, 35% less than in 2014, citing that airlines are Braun’s least profitable segment in its travel-retail business.

Braun said its greatest interest was in the new Series 9 and Series 3 shavers, battery operated travel beard trimmer PT 5090 and Braun Face – a combination of a facial cleansing brush and a facial epilator. Visitors were also very interested in the display solutions presented at the company’s secondary location away from the main Braun exhibition booth. One of the exhibition displays presented the new partnership between Braun and Travel Blue which was particularly welcomed by major multi-location duty-free operators.

So what is an exhibition booth? Exhibition booths are essentially small exhibition stands which are designed to be easy to transport and quick to erect. In a retail setting, they usually are large enough to hold stock and they must be durable enough to endure the demands of the shop-floor environment.

More and more businesses are setting up booths in shopping malls or inside stores which re-sell their products. To find out more about exhibition booths and how they could help your brand, why not call 200m2 Exhibitions on 020 333 200 92.