Exhibition Consultants: How can 200m2 help you?

The exhibitions sector is becoming increasingly complex.  How do you ensure that you are receiving good value from your suppliers?   It’s important that you can demonstrate a clear ROI!

As one of the UK’s leading exhibition consultants, 200m2 advises and consults on every aspect of the exhibitions sector.  Although we are based just outside London in the UK, a significant percentage of our clients are based overseas.  They rely on 200m2 to oversee the delivery of cost effective solutions across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

So what exactly is an exhibition consultant? 

Exhibition Tips from 200m2In simple terms, an exhibition consultant advises its clients on all aspects of an exhibitions programme.  In doing so, exhibition consultants help their clients to fine tune their exhibition strategy and to maximise the return on their investment.

How can 200m2 help your organisation?

On a practical level we can supply every facet of your exhibitions programme, from exhibition stands to exhibition logistics.  Alternatively, we can help you to leverage better terms with your existing suppliers to ensure that you are receiving value.   By helping you to fine tune your exhibitions strategy, we will help you to target the right exhibitions – it’s all about delivering results that are much bigger than your budget.

In doing so, 200m2 has developed an enviable reputation as one of the UK’s leading exhibition consultants.  We provide all-inclusive exhibition services which mitigate risk and reduce your costs.

Our services include strategic and exhibition planning, exhibition market research, project management, training and recruitment – all in the special field of exhibitions, festivals, conferences, conventions and trade shows.

Get in touch with one of our exhibition consultants today or call 020 333 200 92 to discuss your unique requirements.