Exhibition Staff: Are they important?

I read an article recently in Business Daily magazine about exhibition stands.  The article was quite controversial… the author’s view was that an exhibition stand is only as good as the exhibition staff manning it!

I thought this was an interesting point.  Which is more important… the exhibition stand or the exhibition staff?

An exhibition stand will not close a deal in itself but good exhibition stand design will have a direct impact on footfall. A well designed stand in the right location has the power to reinforce your brand’s values.  More importantly, your exhibition stand provides a venue to start conversations with new sales prospects.

As such, the exhibition stand is just as important as the sales team on duty; they both serve to reinforce the brand values of the product or service they represent.

However, there is no point investing huge sums in an exhibition stand and then not having enough exhibition staff to answer questions from passers by.   Equally, entrusting a poorly trained set of people to represent your brand can be suicidal.

What not to do when manning an exhibition stand!

Given the nature of 200m2’s business, I tend to visit a lot of exhibitions and trade shows.  Without fail, I will always see exhibition staff who are busy texting their friends whilst a potential prospect is looking through sales material just a few yards away.  Hundreds of useful conversations are missed as a result.

At 200m2, we work with our clients to ensure their attendance at an exhibition is a success.  As a first step, we ensure the stand itself looks highly professional.  Secondly, we offer a full range of exhibition staff training to ensure your sales teams understand what is expected of them.

What’s more, we can source well trained exhibition staff who are guaranteed to represent your brand in the a professional light.  Whether you need to appoint a whole team to manage your presence at a new show, or just additional personnel to boost your existing sales force, 200m2 can help.  To find out more, contact us today.