Exhibition Storage: Are you a hoarder?

Companies are no different from individuals it seems when it comes to ‘hoarding’.  Does your organisation keep all sorts of stuff in storage with the idea that they can useful again at some point in the future?

Believe me, in the exhibitions arena, some companies are the worst hoarders on the planet! Scratch beneath the surface and most offices are crammed full of outdated exhibition stands which are either broken or way past their ‘sell by’ date.  What’s more, they haven’t been used for years!

Exhibition Storage: How much space is your exhibition equipment taking up?
Exhibition Storage: How much space is your exhibition equipment taking up?

I’ve found all sorts of stuff at clients’ offices over the years:

  • Broken exhibition stands which can never be used again
  • Damaged exhibition stands that have been mended poorly
  • Heavy MDF display units which take up loads of space
  • Exhibition displays showing the company’s old logo
  • Pop-up displays where the spring has snapped inside the roller
  • Outdated promo items (who needs a 2MB USB stick these days!)
  • Boxes of old brochures – all kept for a rainy day!

Companies keep all this because they’ve invested thousands in their exhibitions progamme over the years and they’re loathed to throw it out!  Few companies realise that there is a better way.

  • Have you considered exhibition stand hire?  It’s a lot cheaper than you might think and you don’t need to worry about storing it after the show!
  • If you exhibit at a lot of shows every year, have you asked yourself whether your stand infrastructure is truly modular?  Some modular exhibition stands fold away into low volume containers when they are not needed – have you invested in the right solution?
  • If you already own your own infrastructure, have you thought about an outsourced exhibitions management contract where your supplier stores all your kit for you, freeing up valuable space on your own premises?

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