Exhibition Tips: Which exhibition should you attend?

Here’s another question I ask my customers when they have decided to exhibit at a particuar exhibition:

“Why is this the best exhibition for you?”

Some of the answers I have received over the years have brought me to tears!   Here are some of the answers:

  • Because I can move my air miles membership to the next tier
  • Because my wife likes New York
  • Because I can add on a sneaky holiday afterwards
  • I prefer that venue because it’s got a better hotel nearby
  • It’s never very crowded – I suffer from claustrophobia

Collect air miles by attending an exhibition!

So what are the important factors to consider before committing to an exhibition or trade fair?  Here are my top exhibition tips!

  • Select an exhibition that will attract both existing and new customers
  • Obtain data from the event organiser – look closely at visitor profiles
  • If you’ve exhibited there before, look at results from previous years
  • Select a good stand location. Be careful not to get stuck at the back!
  • Find out where your competitors are going to exhibit
  • Book early to get the best pitch!
  • You may get a better deal later on, but your location may suffer!
  • Remember: Location, Location, Location!
  • Ask for a multi-year deal – 3 years for the price of two?
  • Be aware of geographic & seasonal considerations
  • Are the transport links good?
  • If you need to host your guests overnight, are there facilities nearby?
  • Take the right exhibition stand – will your presence ‘stand out’?
  • Think modular! Modular exhibition stands provide total flexibility
  • Consider exhibition stand hire – it’s a lot cheaper than you think!
  • Look at outsourcing your ‘exhibition management‘ to a specialist

200m2 offers a complete range of exhibition services on a global scale.  From exhibition stand design to event staffing, exhibition PR to exhibition data capture, 200m2 can help you to fine tune an exhibition strategy which mitigates risk and reduces costs.

We will help you to select the right exhibitions to exhibit at and, in doing so, we can help you to leverage the return on your investment.

Get in touch to find out how!