Five reasons why you should use an Exhibition Contractor

It’s the age old business question. Should I outsource a part of my business activity to a specialist company or opt for the in-house ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) option?

When ‘weighing up’ the costs of exhibiting at a show, you may be tempted to go down the cheaper route of ‘doing it yourself’.  Perhaps someone in your team can put together a design.  You know a handy man that does a bit of carpentry that will build a stand for you and you know a printer that will print some posters.  You can then turn up at the venue on the morning of the show, set up your stand and away you go!

However, a few ‘blue tacked’ posters stuck to the back wall of a shell scheme, an old trestle table with table cloth and few scattered exhibits doesn’t create a very good first impression.  The lack of planning and investment stands reflects badly on the professionalism of the exhibitor.


“You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Every time you approach a new show, it is always useful to remember the age old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. At no time is this more relevant than the moment a prospective customer walks past your exhibition stand. Using a professional company who only works in the exhibition space will ensure your stand makes that crucial first impression a very positive one.

So why should you use a contractor over the DIY option?

  1. We know what works: Exhibition stands need to be creative and effective to enable you to get the results you want. A good stand builder will know what works, will have an eye for detail and will be familiar with all the pitfalls.
  2. Health & Safety: A good stand builder will ensure your stand complies with all current regulations and will  submit all necessary relevant documentation including CDM2015 compliance statements.
  3. Scheduling: Exhibition stands cannot be late. Whether your stand is ready or not, the show will open! A good contractor will leave nothing to chance ensuring your stand is ready ahead of schedule.
  4. Time Management: Engaging an exhibition stand contractor to build your stand will allow your internal team to get on with what they do best. You wouldn’t ask a postman to fix your car!
  5. Focus on ROI not Cost: Understanding the value of an exhibition is crucial. A good contractor will understand your need to demonstrate results and will work with you to deliver a range of positive outcomes. After all, it’s in the contractors best interests for your show to succeed!

Engaging the services of a professional exhibition stand contractor like 200m2 may not be as expensive as you might think. With a wide range of design, production, project management, installation and logistics experience, we are here to alleviate unnecessary stress and to maximise your ROI. Call us on 020 333 200 92 to discuss your next project.