g-Guide: The Exhibition Health & Safety Bible

A new set of global standards for health and safety at exhibitions was launched last week at London’s ExCeL Exhibition and Convention Centre.  Dubbed the ‘g-Guide’, this new set of standards is designed to safeguard the health and safety of any person working at or visiting an exhibition.  The guide is being sponsored by a coalition of prominent exhibition stand contractors like 200m2.

The g-Guide endeavours to raise the standards of exhibition health and safety across the global exhibition and conference sector.  The guide provides ‘minimally acceptable’ safety standards whilst recognising that many countries may already have higher standards, which take precedence.  The g-Guide was launched on the 20th of June in English.


The g-Guide is a culmination of four years’ work.  Exhibition managers will now have a common set of standards with which to work.  They will apply to any venue and will cover the main areas of health and safety ‘risk’.

If you’d like a FREE copy of the g-Guide, please get in touch!  We’ll happily send you an electonic copy.  The guide is currently available in English, Portuguese and Chinese and plans are afoot for editions in Turkish, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

As a leading exhibition stand contractor and exhibition services company, 200m2 takes exhibition health and safety very seriously.  If you have any questions or concerns about your own exhibition programme or need advice on exhibition stands generally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.