Going to Exhibitions Outside of your Trade – What are the Benefits?

Exhibitions can have many benefits when you’re attending those in your industry.

They’re great for selling and making connections within your own industry, but did you know there are also many benefits for going to exhibitions that are outside of your industry?

Brand awareness

Exhibitions outside of your industry can help improve your brand awareness to a different market of people who you may not usually converse with.

Just because the exhibition hall is filled with people interested in mechanics doesn’t mean that they won’t need an accountant somewhere down the line and making these personal relationships face to face will do nothing but help you in the future.

People within the same industry talk to each other, you’re probably aware of this from your own business and your connections, so if you can make yourself known to a handful of business owners, when they’re friend needs your service, who do you think will spring to mind?


Aligning your services with that of a business from another industry could prove to be very useful, especially from a marketing and brand awareness perspective.

Sometimes, collaborations can bring an entirely new market to your and your collaborator’s businesses.

This method of referral generation can be great for securing new clients and future business.

Chance to show off your products

Showcasing your products can be done at any exhibition, not just industry specific shows.

The chances of meeting at least one client who has a need for your products, or knows someone who does, is relatively high.

Also, introducing your products or services to a new industry can promote your company as innovative.

Keep up to date with other industry insights and how this could affect you

Keeping up to date with other industries creates the perfect opportunity to develop products or services that are continually needed.

For example, if you’re a payment software development company, and businesses are looking to move from cash to card only payments, the chance to offer your expertise and services presents itself here.  However, you may not have known about this opportunity without keeping up to date with all industry news and updates.

Build relationships with future potential clients

Going out of your way to make connections with people who are not in your immediate circle can have long-lasting benefits for your business in the future– you can ensure your business is the first that comes to mind when they need a service you provide.

If you’ve never made the effort to network with them at a trade show you would not have the upper hand on any of your competitors and would be relying purely on your marketing and sales skills, nothing else.

If you’re interested in attending more trade shows this year, contact us at 200m2 today, for the perfect stand to get you noticed at any show you attend.