Guide to Exhibiting in Larger Venues

Exhibiting at a large venue can give your business great exposure and be beneficial for brand awareness for your business.

But, as with every new business venture there are risks involved, so you must ensure you’re well prepared to cope with the hurdles you may need to overcome at a larger venue.

Make Yourself Stand Out

One of the biggest things that you need to contend with at a large expo is the pure volume of other stands in attendance. You could be in competition with hundreds of other stands to attract people over to you.

The easiest way to do this is go hard or go home. Think big and bold for your stands, this means you need to meet the height of other stands but your stand also needs to look professional. Take a look at our range of modular stands, these can be created to the height and width you want, specific to your venue.

There are so many other great ways to stand out from the crowd in addition to your stand, whether you wear something crazy or come up with a brilliant way to market your product or service, standing out at a larger event is absolutely crucial.

Find Your Way Around

Knowing your way around the exhibition hall can come in handy, especially if you need to track down a potential lead, knowing where their stand is can be extremely useful.

Similarly, knowing where the refreshments and toilets are located means that if you do need to dash off you don’t need to be away from your stand for too long.

Arrive in Numbers

The more people you have on your stand, the more potential prospects you have. Whilst you might be busy talking to one attendee, your staff can give information to other people and help with any product demonstrations.

Brief your team to ensure that you get to speak to any ‘hot leads’, they can get the basic information from people and sort the hot from the cold leads. This ensures you get to speak to the best prospects and produce the best chance for exhibition success.

This helps ensure no lead goes unnoticed and all of the people interested in your stand get personal attention and service, leading them to feel much more valued by your company and likely to remember you.

Remember a larger exhibition will need a lot more staff to cater for the large number of attendees.

Arrive Early

This gives you a chance to get used to the arena, get set up and prepare in advance of visitors arriving.

This could help massively in the running of the day, as leaving yourself enough time means that any issues can be resolved earlier on in the day, rather than during a last-minute panic.

Hiring a Contractor

If you’re totally unsure about where to even start for a larger exhibition, hiring a contractor may be a good first step. These people can help you plan everything for your exhibition.

Although it may be at an expense, having somebody who knows the industry and the exhibition process by heart could be beneficial if you’re feeling way out of your depth.

Planning and Preparing

This one comes as a no brainer – it is never too early to start preparing for your exhibition. Having a comprehensive plan in advance and sourcing all necessary equipment way ahead of time can put your mind at ease and make the whole process plain sailing.

For more help about exhibitions, contact our team, or to browse our range and see which stand might be right for you.