How Can You Prepare for Your Next Event?

Life is slowly returning back to normal, and before we all know it, events will be back on the cards as well.

However, the events industry is going to be somewhat different for a while, so have you thought about how you can prepare for your next event in the best and safest way possible?

Stay Active Online

During these uncertain times and the build-up to your next event, it’s so important to stay active online to engage your clients and keep them up to date with what you have to offer.

Social media is a great place to start to stay in touch with your clients, prospects and suppliers by posting regular content that they’ll find interesting and can also help keep them informed during this difficult time.

You can also be sending out regular emails containing tips, fun content and general information you feel will help your target audience too.

Release hints and material based on upcoming products and offers to generate a buzz for when you can come into contact with people again in some shape or form.

How Can You Keep Visitors Safe?

Have you considered the types of PPE you’ll be using yourself and possibly supplying to your visitors too?

Even if it’s not compulsory to wear a face shield or a mask when the events industry starts back up, many people are still going to feel much more comfortable if they have this option to hand.

Having an environment that’s as sanitary as possible is important for your stand to be as successful as possible. To avoid cross-contamination, sanitise everything before and after someone else is going to touch it to prevent any type of risk.

Respecting other peoples’ feeling of uncertainty is the best way to go about launching your next event.

Restricting the number of people who are in a confined space at any one time is crucial, with social distancing measures in place where possible. When restricting the number of attendees, it’s worth determining the location of your event very carefully.

Is it going to be suitable for the expected number of people coming? Can people move around freely without coming into contact with loads of other people at once?

In a nutshell, it’s so so important to put safety first when opening back up in this industry. Even if you feel more at ease yourself, others may not.


For now, we’re still here at 200m2 responding to your exhibition needs as much as possible. If you’re looking for a refreshing and professional exhibition stand to prepare for your next event, or maybe brand-new graphics to entice new leads, contact our team here.