How to brew the perfect exhibition stand!

Here at 200m2 Exhibitions, we love a good cup of coffee! Quite often it can make all the difference when we’re on the road building complex exhibition stands both in the UK and across Europe.  So when an exhibition comes along which combines two of our favourite things (exhibition stands and coffee) we certainly take notice!

The London London Coffee Festival took place last week between 30 April and 3 May.  All the leading coffee brands made an appearance including some of the biggest household coffee brands. Starbucks exhibited for the fourth year in a row with an excellent stand which was both interactive and imaginative from a design perspective.

Starbuck’s interactive exhibition stand tried to raise awareness of its new product offerings as well as educate and inform visitors about coffee and the art of coffee brewing.  Of all the exhibition stands at the show, this was our favourite!

Visitors were able to sample a series of different Starbucks coffee varieties and take a batch of fresh beans home with them!  The bar was headed up by a Starbucks representative who provided tips and advice for making great-tasting coffee at home.

Starbucks also recruited its 2015 ‘Barista Champions’ to man the stand, who hailed from all over the UK. They were on hand to teach visitors about latte art and provide tips for making coffee.

We certainly enjoyed the experience – well done Starbucks!