Why is it important to visit trade shows as well as exhibiting?

Exhibiting at a trade show is a great way to build the awareness of your brand and generate more leads for your company. It is the perfect tool to go hand in hand with your marketing, this is why so many companies choose to exhibit at trade shows. What about if you weren’t behind the stand all day and experienced the other side of a trade show? This can be just as valuable to any business owner or anybody working for a company. Here are some reasons why you should take a day off from behind the stand and go to an exhibition as a visitor.


This is a fairly obvious reason, some of the best networking can take place at trade shows and with the freedom to move around you can decide who and where you would like to talk. Meeting like-minded people within your industry or just an industry that interests is a great reason to go. Good contacts are invaluable in today’s competitive marketplace, they help you stay one step ahead.


An exhibition isn’t just about stands and businesses vying for your attention, there are talks and seminars within the venue. These are usually held by professionals within that very industry, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about that industry but also another person’s perspective of it. There is always something new to learn and knowledge is power! You get the opportunity to learn about new innovative products within your industry or the up and coming trends.  

Benefit your Business

You can use an exhibition as the perfect opportunity to find what or who you need to grow and expand your business. This may be someone to help out with your accounts or someone to provide products for your next trade show, chances are you will find the people you need at a trade show.


By not exhibiting or by employing enough staff to man your stand without you, you have the freedom to take a walk and see what your competitors are offering, both at the trade show and outside of the trade show. What are they offering to customers and how are they attracting people at the exhibition. This is also a great way to get inspiration for your next stand and exhibition.

Finding Resellers

Trade shows can be the perfect place to discover new companies and business people who could potentially supply your product. Companies who supply customers with a service similar or a service that compliments your product are the perfect people to resell. They already have customers, so by bringing your new product to them you are growing your market very easily.

There are so many advantages to attending a trade show as a visitor, everyone should do it at least once, you can find out what it’s like to be on the other side of the stand. The advantages are completely different to exhibiting but in different ways just as useful.