Inflatable Exhibition Stands!

Bridgestone, the largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber products in the world, is pumping air into a new kind of product for the first time… inflatable exhibition stands!

Bridgestone has designed two new inflatable exhibition stands which it hopes will help make a lasting impression at motoring events all over the UK and Europe.

Inflatable Exhibition Stands - 200m2

Each unit, which measures 8 metres in diameter, is easy and quick to inflate.  What’s more, the new exhibition stands are totally unique within the motorsports industry and will help Bridgestone stand out from the crowd.

Communications Manager Andy Dingley said, “The investment is already yielding results with footfall figures increasing for popular shows where Bridgestone exhibits annually.  The feedback we’ve had from the ‘domes’ has been really encouraging.”

Andy continued, “We have been in need of an adaptable, flexible and eye-catching stand for some time, in order to do our products justice.  We have enjoyed a higher volume of visitors at every show we’ve boasted these inflatables at. We don’t think this is a coincidence and we are hopeful of more success in the months to come.”

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