Exhibition Stand Technology!

It’s a fact that most children would would prefer a trip to the fun fair over an extra maths lesson!  You do not have to be a child psychologist to work this one out!  But why?  The answer is simply because kids love to be entertained!

As we grow into adults, we learn to suppress the constant need for entertainment.  BUT… we certainly don’t mind if some fun is brought into our professional lives either.  It’s no surprise that the ‘corporate entertainment’ sector is a massively profitable business sector in its own right!

The same principles can be applied to your exhibition stands.  Keep people entertained and they’ll stay for longer.  Keep the experience interesting and visitors to your stand are much more likely to interact with you.  Initiating a dialogue on an exhibition can often be the hardest part.

Used correctly, technology can unlock people’s interest and start conversations which can lead to long-term business relationships.  So what is the best way to integrate technology into your exhibition stands? Here are 200m2’s ‘Top Tips’!

Virtual Reality

Now known as augmented reality, the name doesn’t change the fact that this innovative technology could prove highly effective at exhibitions.  Augmented reality allows exhibitors to give customers tours and demonstrations of facilities and products that are too big, or noisy, to be able to physically bring to their display stand.  Whilst this creates a very memorable experience, this method can also present much more details when compared to traditional charts and product brochures.


Live Tweeting

Is Twitter the best social media platform for exhibitions? Absolutely not! But Twitter is a far more immediate form of social media and it can be extremely engaging. Create your own #hashtag to create a discussion around a particular stand.

Exhibition Stands And The Mobile World

Exhibitions are fantastic opportunities to unveil products. This is because there is already an air of excitement surrounding major events and exhibitions. Capitalise on this opportunity by creating mobile apps that people visiting a stand can download.  Aside from offering information and promotions, companies can use mobile platforms for future marketing efforts.

Moving Logos

Using large electronic screens to display animated logos is not only useful for catching people’s eyes. The screens can be used for a variety of other purposes. If the products on your exhibition stand require explanation, you can use screens for presentations.  You might also want to use the screens to display information via the company’s website, blog etc.

Engage With Video

If there is a large amount of attention surrounding your display, you can retain the interest of people on the outskirts of the crowd by showing interesting video content on your display screens. This can be footage that was shot prior to the event, feature interviews or event product demonstrations.

If you like the idea of using technology to appeal to people’s inate need for excitement, 200m2 can certainly help.  For more information, give us a call on +44 (0)20 333 200 92.