Exhibiting Technology: The urine powered generator!

The Maker Faire is a well known event across the African continent, drawing thousands of participants who travel to Lagos to exhibit their inventions and other practical creations. Four African girls showed off a generator that produces electricity for six hours using a single liter of urine as fuel. The generator was unveiled at last week’s Maker Faire in Lagos, Nigeria.

How does the urine-powered generator work?

  • Urine is put into an electrolytic cell, which separates out the hydrogen.
  • The hydrogen goes into a water filter for purification, which then gets pushed into the gas cylinder.
  • The gas cylinder pushes hydrogen into a cylinder of liquid borax, which is used to remove the moisture from the hydrogen gas.
  • This purified hydrogen gas is pushed into the generator.

Just remember to look the other way during refueling!

All jokes aside, I am a big advocate of inventions which have a positive impact on the environment and the creatures that live in it.  That’s why we only promote exhibition stand solutions which are durable, save space and easy to transport… thereby saving on transport costs.  What’s more we always use environmentally friendly inks when we print display panels for our modular exhibition stands.

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