Make yourself at Home with Exhibition Stand Furnishing

So, you are attending an Exhibition; you’ve chosen a theme, organised a stand and picked your team. What’s next? Well, something that many people can often overlook is furnishing your exhibition stand.

Having a beautiful, eye-catching stand is an ideal way to grab people’s attention, especially if you are surrounded by the generic. Nowadays we are seeing more and more people upping their game when it comes to stand design. So, if you want to increase footfall and engage as many people as possible – considering what you are offering them within your stand is not something to overlook.

What Furniture Should I Use?

The furnishings that you use (or don’t use) within your stand should be centred around making your visitors feel as comfortable and as ‘at home’ as possible.

When considering what type of furnishing would be best for you, take a look at the theme of your stand and choose things that will help bring that concept to life. Your aim is to engage and be remembered by your visitors, so don’t worry about being too ‘out there’, if something works with your theme, then give it a go.

If you are using your stand to promote your spa hotel, for example, then consider the use of mood lighting and a cocktail bar. For those that are promoting software, then PC stations and plasma screens may be the right choice. There is really no limit to what you can include, especially with 200m2 determination to source anything a client might need!

What are the Benefits of Using Furniture?

There are many obvious benefits to use furniture as a way of customising your stand and encouraging visitors to come over to your spot at an exhibition or event. These include:

  • The more at ease a person feels, the more open and communicative they will be towards your company and the services you’re offering to them.
  • Using brand colours within your furniture and props that your customers and prospects will recognise is even more likely to encourage engagement.
  • Have you got a new product or offer coming out soon? Advertise this alongside furniture to make your promotions seem as natural and encouraging as possible. This is a great way to spread awareness and encourage sales.

What Furniture Do We Offer at 200m2?

200m2 have a range of exhibition stand furnishing and anything we don’t have; we can get!

All our solutions are lightweight and easy to assemble, which makes them extremely easy to transport. We also put an emphasis on cost-effectiveness so can ensure that we have something for any budget, whether you wish to purchase outright or just rent for an occasion.

If you’re looking for furniture as an addition to your stand and would like to know some of the main products we offer, here are a few of our best-selling pieces:

  • Promotional counters
  • Workstations
  • Tables and chairs


We also supply a vast range of flooring for your exhibition stand, to make your visitors feel even more at home. We give our customers the choice to choose from, vinyl, wood effect and carpet, depending on the look and feel you’re going for to promote your brand.

Much of our furniture is hired out on request as we take pride in offering furniture solutions for any business type or purpose.


To add a finishing touch to your stand or to enquire about our range of furnishing and flooring, please contact our team today.