Maximising Returns On Your Exhibition Leads

Leads from potential customers are the key to success at a trade show – this could be a potential sale or a new contact you can work with. Taking customer information and following up on that person is something that needs to be a main priority for after your trade show.

Gathering Information

Taking the information needed to contact a customer can be done in many ways, if you get the basics to get in touch then it’s all good. However, there are some ways that are going to be much more organised then others. Using an iPad for example, it’s a quick way to take details and store them in an organised way that’s easy to access. Apps are available which a customer’s details can be entered, such as lead capture. This will allow you to take all the customers basic details and store them. Another method is taking business cards from a customer or even their social media information is a good way to contact them and connect with them after the show. Another good way of contacting someone after a trade show is through an email campaign so aiming to get an email or even a phone number is a good first step.

Social Media

Social media is a helpful tool, even if you didn’t manage to collect contact details from lots of people. You can use hashtags and location pins to find people who were at the show, who were possibly interested in your stand and connect with them. Following or liking posts from people is a good way to first contact somebody through social media because the stronger leads are more likely to follow, like or even message showing interest.

Being Prompt

A prompt response after a show has finished to all your potential leads is the best thing to do. It shows you’re interested in them and your stand will still be fresh in their mind. To help people associate your stand and email, attaching an image of the stand may help. Email campaigns are a quick way to contact people, they can be set up before the trade show and customers details can be entered after. When using email, avoid being general, make it personal, include their name and which trade show they attended.  Email campaigns are a good way to generate interest but also to discover which leads to prioritise. Responses from emails could mean you need to prioritise speaking to those customers.

Keep the Engagement

Regular updates are important to keep people engaged with your company and interested in what you have to offer. Hearing from you once after the trade show and then not again for another month with just a newsletter, will make them lose interest in the company over that time. Keeping in contact after the trade show, giving them updates on products and services, follow up calls if they request and generally showing an interest in them will keep the engagement stronger. If everything is done in a friendly manner, the customer will keep the positive association of your company that they gained from the trade show, making business in the future more likely.

If you’re interested in having contact information on your stand, where customers can find you and contact you, then 200m2 can help. We can make custom designed stands for you and would be more than happy to answer any enquiries about how we can help you.