200m2’s modular exhibition stand systems feature in SignLink magazine

SignLink Magazine LogoWe’re delighted to announce that 200m2’s modular exhibition stand systems were featured in a recent article for SignLink magazine.  Entitled ‘Making a stand’, Brenda Hodgson examined the latest trends in exhibition stand design.  Specifically, the article examined the latest developments in modular stands which enable trade show exhibitors to adapt their exhibition presence to virtually any floor space or ceiling height.

As the only foldable modular exhibition system in the world, 200m2’s TRUSSwire or x-20 played a prominent role in the feature.  TRUSSwire is extremely lightweight yet strong due to its clever use of composite materials. It is also extremely easy to assemble, requiring no tools, and can be scaled to suit almost any floor space or height.

TRUSSwire was the system of choice for Louis Poulsen, an award winning Danish lighting manufacturer, famous for the very simple, discreet and functional design of its products, which are admired for their unique quality and lasting appeal. The company was looking for a modular exhibition system that would complement the brand’s strong architectural and contemporary heritage.

Louis Poulson’s Modular Exhibition Stand based on TRUSSwire

TRUSSwire was eventually selected as the preferred solution as it supports its own specially designed system for displaying stand graphics. Artwork simply clips into place to make the exhibition stand look very stylish. And with a 20 x 20cm (8 x 8″) profile when extended, TRUSSwire also folds away to be almost completely flat after use, making it very easy to transport and store.

Commenting in the article, Tim Cronin, Managing Director at 200m2 said “Increasingly, exhibitors are looking for flexibility when it comes to exhibition planning. Consequently, people are investing in modular exhibition stand systems which quickly adapt to any width/height requirement. The best systems, like our own TRUSSwire, can also be used outdoors as well.”

He added “By renting exhibition stands, the flexibility of the modular exhibition stand concept is extended. Organisations are buying a ‘core’ module and then leasing in additional modules as required. This also allows organisations to exhibit at two different shows at the same time if required.”

“There has also been a shift in demand when it comes to exhibition stand graphics. Increasingly, people are asking for environmentally-friendly inks and materials when ordering large-format print. It’s a refreshing change but arguably an important one when you think that most organisations will refresh at least one main exhibition panel for every new show. Tailoring the message for each specific show is important.”