Modular Exhibition Stands: The Advantages

Almost every week I am contacted by a prospective client who has decided to exhibit at a forthcoming conference or exhibition for the first time.  Interestingly, most of these companies have one or two major exhibitions every year and they align their needs in terms of stand equipment with usually just one major show in mind.

That’s fine for some organisations but what if next year you decide to increase the floor area of your stand at your principal show?  What if a better stand location becomes available next year and you need to change the layout of your stand accordingly?  What if you decide to start exhibiting at an ‘outdoor’ show where moisture and the cold can ruin your investment in print?  What if you decide to exhibit overseas – will your exhibition stand endure the rigours of travelling long distances?

This is where modular exhibition stands excel – they offer flexibility.  Choose the right modular stand concept and you will have a durable platform which will stand the test of time.  Moreover, choose a recognised brand with pedigree and you will own a framework, which you can add to over time – compatibility over time is all important.

CROSSwire and TRUSSwire are modular exhibition stands which are made of a composite material with an aluminum core.  With a load bearing capacity of up 400 Kgs, CROSSwire and TRUSSwire are also lightweight and extremely durable.  This composite outer won’t scratch or flake so it always stays looking like new.

What’s more, the foldable nature of  TRUSSwire allows you to flat pack the lengths which means it is easy to  transport from A to B.  Of course, by reducing the amount of weight and associated volume, shipping costs are also reduced.  For organisations with a keen eye on their environmental impact, this is an important feature.

But the real beauty of CROSSwire and TRUSSwire modular exhibition stands are their flexibility.  The focus and scale of the stand can be changed for every event – from corporate hospitality suites to product showcases, from audio visual presentation venues to small trade conferences where only a small presence is required.  Whatever the size, CROSSwire and TRUSSwire can be assembled quickly, by just one person.  Furthermore, no tools are required.

TRUSSwire and CROSSwire is manufactured in Denmark and delivered straight to 200m2 here in the UK.  No middlemen, no agents, we are the authorised partner with the manufacturer. Get in touch for more details!