Nailing your Graphics for Your Next Exhibition Stand

With physical exhibitions currently put on pause and virtual events taking their place, this gives businesses plenty of time to make sure everything’s in tip-top condition for when exhibitions finally make an appearance again. 

Graphics in particular need to be the thing you invest in to help you stand out; this is what your potential prospects and leads will see firstencouraging them to visit your stand and spark a conversation. So, why settle for anything other than the best?  

Stand Out From the Crowd 

For attendees to choose your stand over the many others, you need to catch their eye with something different, something unique, so they feel intrigued by your business.   

No one wants to settle for average, especially when money is involved. There are many other businesses out there trying to compete with you, so you need to figure out how you can make your graphics different in the best way possible 

This could be highlighting your unique selling point (USP) in a short and snappy piece of text or using eye-catching colours that are difficult to miss. 

Don’t go overboard with text, but make sure that anything you do display is large and bold. Elements like your company name and why you’re different from other businesses are the main pieces of text you want people to see from the other side of the room. 


Depending on the purpose of the exhibition, or the types of people going, find out what is going to encourage people to come over to you. Consider the types of people that are going to be attending. Are they going to be wowed by a humorous approach? Are visitors likely to be more serious and business-driven 

These are just a couple of questions you need to ask yourself and reflect in your graphics, so you receive the right kinds of attention. 

If you’re attending the same exhibition you’ve been to every year for the past decade, that’s great because you may already know what works, but if the environment is something that’s completely new to you, find out as much as you can about the event. 

You’ll be able to get an idea on how to personalise your graphics by looking at other businesses that have previously attended and if you know anybody who has visited or exhibited there before, you could also give them a call.  

This will not only help you get a feel of the exhibition’s style and mood but also highlight any opportunities for your stand that haven’t been used by others. 

Your Images 

You probably have a good idea by now of what images you should use for your graphics to fit the style of the event, but depending on the size of your stand and the banners you use, are they good enough quality? 

It’s important to inspect your images carefully before printing because when blown up to a large scale, they may come out pixelated. This is where the file types of your images and graphics come in handy! 

Ideally, you should make sure your images are saved as a PNG file. This is a high-quality image format that can be edited and resized freely, without impacting the final quality of your image.  

Another thing to consider if you’re planning on going big time with your stand’s graphicscheck for any small elements that aren’t visible and appear when the image is blown up and shouldn’t be there. If so, these can be checked and edited out of your photos before the final print. The last thing you want is for peoples’ attention to be diverted by an eye-sore in your images. 


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