Replacement graphics for roller banner stands…

Every week we receive a call from a disgruntled exhibitor who has invested in a roller banner stand – not from us I hasten to add!

Quite often the spring mechanisms within the roller become ineffective after being deployed for just a few hours.   As a result, the graphics often do not roll back into the base unit after a show.  Consequently, they get damaged in transit and are never used again.

And even when they do work, roller banner stands are always falling over!  The base units never have enough weight in them and the side legs are usually ineffective.  Take them outdoors and they’ll get blown over almost immediately!

Another disadvantage of roller banner stands is that they are difficult to update with new graphics in-between exhibitions.  Of course, there are roller banner solutions which claim this is possible, but the process can be complicated and you’ll need quite a few tools to get the job done.

How to change graphics on a roller banner stand

That’s why our own modular exhibition stands have become so popular.  Not only can the graphics be replaced with ease (simply clicking into place between the framework), they can also be used outdoors and in any weather.

display_10_2009_004-20And because the display panels attach to a truss framework, all sorts of opportunities arise.  Do you want to go six feet higher?  NO problem!  Do you want to hang lights and TV monitors in between your display panels? NO problem!  Do you want to take your exhibition outside? NO problem!

As one of the UK’s leading exhibition stand contractors, we supply a complete range of modular display solutions from simple display banners to large 200m2 conference suites.

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