200m2’s Team Survives 24 hours In A Liferaft!

Last weekend, four intrepid sailors spent 24 hours in a liferaft off the sea-wall at Brighton Marina to raise funds for a marine charity charity Sail 4 Cancer.  The team of four raised an impressive £3,000 for Sail 4 Cancer – a great little charity who make a real difference to the lives of people affected by cancer.

In support of Sail 4 Cancer’s efforts, 200m2 Exhibition Stands is staging an exhibition stand hire promotion for the charity’s benefit.  Rather fittingly, until the 24th of December 2012, 200m2 Exhibition Stands will pass 10% of all exhibition stand rentals to Sail 4 Cancer for all orders received before Christmas Day.

Exhibition Stand Hire Promotion - Help Sail 4 Cancer!

Commenting on the promotion, Tim Cronin, Managing Director of 200m2 Exhibition Stands said “having been on survival training courses when I was in the Royal Navy, I know how tough this challenge was… especially in November.  In an attempt to boost the funds raised, we’ll happily donate 10% of any exhibition stand hire orders made before the 24th of December 2012 – all people have to do is mention the word ‘liferaft’ when making an enquiry!”

Graham Precey, Chairman of Sail 4 Cancer added “We thank Tim and his wife Emma for their support on the day.  They worked tirelessly in the cold to collect donations and brought us cups of tea to keep us warm.  This exhibition stand hire promotion that Tim has put together is extremely generous and we thank everyone at 200m2 Exhibition Stands for their support.”

For more information on 200m2 Exhibition Stand’s range of exhibition services, including exhibition stand hire options, call +44 20 3332 0092.