Students help design exhibition stand for L’Oréal

The fashion and cosmetics brand L’Oréal has collaborated with the National University of Singapore Division of Industrial Design and its students to create a series of new L’Oréal exhibition stands (featuring 22 different brands) at this year’s TFWA Tax Free Asia Pacific show.

The students were encouraged to explore state-of the-art technologies and experiment with recycled materials to propose cutting-edge designs. Here at 200m2, we’re always pleased to see the use of recycled materials in exhibition stands. That’s why our own range of exhibition display stands make use of recycled composite materials and environmentally friendly inks.

As part of the design, the students had to take into consideration a professional brief, with variables and constraints, while adhering to the L’Oréal group corporate identity. Seven strong projects addressed the design brief – the winning proposal was chosen because “it not only matched but surpassed the expectations of the team,” L’Oréal explained.

If you’re planning your next exhibition and would like help with your own environmentally friendly design, feel free to contact 200m2 for advice.  Simply call +44 (0)20 333 200 92 and we’d be happy to help.