Take This Time to Prepare For Future Exhibitions

It’s a frustrating time for a lot of business owners, especially for those that had planned to attend events and tradeshows over the next few months.

Don’t forget, there is positive in all of this! You may not be able to attend your event just yet, but you do have all this time to prepare your stand, marketing and follow-up process to ensure the first event back is the best one yet.

What Can You Do?


Could your stand’s graphics do with a redesign? It might be that you’ve introduced new services and features for what your business can offer and they’re not included in your graphics, or that you’ve rebranded. Well, now’s the perfect time to get these updated!

If you’ve updated your logo, or your unique selling point (USP), these are just two of the features that should be on display for the public to see, using an eye-catching graphic.

Whilst many employers are currently working from home, many freelancers are used to doing this anyway, so graphic designers will still be on tap to suit your design needs.

Even if you haven’t made any big changes to your business recently, it’s always important to give your graphics a freshen up so the regular faces are seeing new points about your business each time they see you.

Lead Generation

You probably already have a pretty good strategy for generating leads and acquiring interest to your stand, but there’s no harm in thinking of even more ways to do this.

Marketing trends are constantly changing, and different prospects will respond to different methods, so it’s important to try and cater for people you feel can bring the most value to your company.

What are the different lead generators you can experiment with? It may be difficult at the moment to fully test these techniques but it’s definitely something to consider for when the world goes back to somewhat normal.

  • Evaluate your exhibition team – Consider the type of event and the size of the venue. If you can, try to find out how many people are expected to attend so you can figure out the right number of staff you’ll need to man your stand. A good practice is to have some members of your team as the face of your stand, and some walking around the venue.
  • Competitions – Everyone loves a good competition to keep the energy levels high and for the chance to win something. Brainstorm the different competition ideas that best represent your business but are fun and engaging at the same time.
  • Online marketing – Blogging, paid ads and social media are all ways to showcase your presence before an event. This is your chance to really sell yourself and convince others that you have something different and better to offer.

Promotional Copy

Businesses use persuasive text across all their promotional material, even graphics for their exhibition stand.

Your text might explain all your main services and provide insight to your business, but there’s always room for improvement.

Go over the wording and brainstorm how you can phrase your text to encourage as much engagement as possible. Include questions and really paint a picture of how your business can help people.

A great practice is to ask others if they could benefit from aspects, they didn’t realise they needed.

There’s always room for improvement, and now’s a better time than any. If you’d like to create flashy new graphics that represent your business, contact our design team to find out about the graphic design software we use for exhibition stands here.