The Exhibition Experience

Last month, I posted a blog item which talked about exhibition stand engagement.  Exhibition engagement strategy is all about attracting people on to your exhibition stands and keeping them there long enough to deliver your sales pitch!

I also introduced some ideas on how an exhibitor might entice a visitor on to their stand.  By providing a memorable or positive experience, as a direct result of the visit, we are able to leave a positive impression about our product or service.

It’s all about attracting interest and turning that interest into positive outcomes for both the visitor and the exhibitor.  It sounds cliched but this is a fundamental concept which should be at the core of every organisation’s exhibition strategy.

Exhibition Stand Survey - 200m2

The ‘exhibition experience’ can take many forms but it’s important to recognise that you can only manipulate a very small part of it.  Some factors are outside of your control.  For example, you are not able to control the queues outside the venue or whether someone missed their train on the way to the exhibition.

However, you can control the environment on and around your own exhibition stand.  Give people a reason to come on to your stand in the first place and don’t scare them away by being too pushy when they get there.

I remember a ploy which Symantec used very effectively a few years back.  They staged a mock ‘Technology Revolution’ protest with about twenty people walking around the exhibition hall in yellow overalls carrying banners with all sorts of slogans on them.  They even had a couple of chaps banging drums to get people’s attention.

If nothing else, it made people laugh and my contacts at Symantec report that this somewhat unorthodox approach doubled footfall to the stand compared to the previous year.  That’s quite a statistic!

So the next time you are thinking about your next exhibition, think about creating a memorable ‘experience’.  We’ve developed all sorts of concepts for clients over the years. Why not give us a call on 020 333 200 92 to find out more?