Tips for Making Your Next Exhibition Stand Sustainable

Sustainability is something that is on a lot of peoples’ minds at the moment and for a good reason. It seems to be the top headline of most news outlets and a real concern to many of us.

We all want to do our bit to help the environment and make everything a little bit more sustainable. So, what can you do at your next exhibition?

Avoid Single Use

We’re used to hearing about single-use plastics, but we’re actually talking about exhibition stands. Single-use stands are not only an expensive way of doing exhibitions, but they’re also not great for the environment.

They may seem useful but investing in a stand which is made to last is a much better investment in the long run. In addition to this, invest in some metal fasteners for your banners to avoid using copious amounts of cable ties at every event.

When designing your stand, think about the information which will be timeless and something modular which can be customised depending on your exhibition space.

Not only will it cut down on your plastic and material waste every show but once you have made the investment, your costs will plummet for every exhibition.

Paperless is Best

Nowadays there are so many great alternatives to using paper for marketing. You no longer need to print hundreds of leaflets and brochures to give out – in fact, most of these get thrown away anyway, so this isn’t a cost-efficient way to market your business.

Stationery is a great alternative to paper leaflets and is far less likely to be thrown away compared to a piece of paper. Print your branding and contact details on pens, pencils or coasters.

Use digital marketing strategies to follow up on any exhibition leads, and you can even use tablets or laptops to collect visitor information. This will make following up on the expo quicker, easier and much more effective.

Cutting out paper from your exhibition day prep will reduce your costs on production, transport and waste as well as the environmental impacts which come alongside this.

Think About Your Gifts

You by no means have to give out gifts or ‘freebies’ when you’re exhibiting at a show, but some stalls do like to give branded gifts to help visitors remember their conversation.

If you do want to give these gifts, avoid plastics and paper gifts and sway more for the bamboo or hemp-based gifts, for example, pencils, rulers or wooden coasters.

Not only will this help them to remember conversations that they have had with your team, but it will also help to reinforce your sustainable values as a business. Sharing the message of sustainability is a selling point for many customers.

Reusable water bottles and coffee cups are extremely popular at the moment, and there has been a huge push to increase the number of people using these reusable products. These are really useful products, and the people will use them every day.