200m2 Helps Princess To Return To London After 150 Years

200m2 has built a special display housing to showcase ‘Princess’, the world’s first narrow gauge steam engine.  Princess is returning to London for the first time in 150 years and will go on display not far from where she was built by George England & Co at their Hatcham Iron Works in New Cross.

The world famous locomotive will be displayed at London’s Paddington station to mark her 150th anniversary.  The steam train has been painstakingly restored by the craftsmen at Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales and will be unveiled to the public on St David’s Day – Friday the 1st of March.

For her return to London, the Ffestiniog railway commissioned 200m2 to design and build a temporary structure around Princess to showcase this marvel of 18th century engineering.  After supplying detailed CAD drawings of the concept, 200m2 built a structure around Princess using its TRUSSwire gantry system.  High quality exhibition panel displays were then produced to hang from the structure to create a visual presence befitting a 150th birthday.

Princess at London Paddington station

Tim Cronin, Managing Director of 200m2 said “It’s been a real honour to work with the Ffestiniog railway on this project.  Technology has moved on a long way since Princess was built but the quality of the workmanship that went into both building and restoring her is quite astounding.  The materials used since the 1860s have moved on too.  Brass and steel have been replaced by aluminium alloys and composites, both are used in the TRUSSwire modular exhibition stands which surround the exhibit.”

Cronin added “TRUSSwire is an integral part of our exhibition stands portfolio.  Our solutions start with small pop-up displays up to large stage trussing systems for concerts and stage shows.  All of our solutions are modular which means they can be adapted for almost any purpose.  What’s more, our exhibition stand hire service enables organisations to hire in addition modules, or even whole exhibition stands, when required.”

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