UK exhibitions industry adds value to the UK economy

A comprehensive economic report conducted by Oxford Economics reveals the substantial value of the exhibitions industry to the UK economy.  The findings reveal that exhibitions attracted 13 million visitors in 2010 and generated £11 billion in spending.  This is equivalent to 0.4% of the UK’s GDP.

In addition, the UK exhibitions industry contributed £5.6 billion in added value to the UK economy.  Of this £5.6 billion; £2.6 billion was directly contributed from events, and a further £3 billion was trickled into the wider economy and supply chains.

This activity supported 148,500 jobs in the UK, equivalent to total employment in the city of Milton Keynes and 0.5% of total employment in the UK.

The story is the same globally, with a UFI international survey confirming growth in the exhibition industry in 2013, despite a far reaching economic crisis.  The survey concludes that the majority of companies reported an increase in turnover since 2011, proving the effect of the industry and the value it continues to generate.  Individual businesses benefit too, with visitors spending an impressive £2.7 billion on goods and services at exhibitions in 2010 alone.

1354358_71837793 UK PoundsCommenting on the research findings, Tim Cronin, 200m2’s Managing Director said “There is still no substitute for physical interaction.  Sooner or later it’s crucial to physically meet the people you are doing business with if you want to build long-term rapport. That’s why the exhibitions sector continues to grow in the UK year-on-year.”

“As one of the UK’s leading exhibition stand companies, 200m2 is proud to play its part in this growth. Exhibitors want maximum flexibility when it comes to their exhibition stands.  The stand itself must scale to fit virtually any floor space and the solution needs to be simple and fast to build/break down. That’s why modular exhibition stands are becoming so important. Our own CROSSwire and TECHwire systems are extremely easy to assemble, requiring no tools, and they can be used both inside and outdoors.”

“Flexibility means different things to different people however.  Owning a modular exhibition stand which is scaleable is often not enough.  Some organisations’ exhibition programmes are so demanding that they need enough modules to exhibit at multiple shows at the same time.  Quite often, organisations are purchasing core modules and then leasing in additional structures when the need arises.  Exhibition stand rental further extends the flexibility of the modular concept.”

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