Using Truss and Gantry Stands for your Exhibition in the New Year

New Year, new exhibition stand!

Switch up your exhibition displays and catch the attention of new leads for your business with the right stand this year.

What are Truss and Gantry Stands?

A truss system refers to the triangular structure of the exhibition stand. The interconnected metal elements create a criss-cross structure to provide additional support and contributes to its longer-lasting quality. We offer different sizes of truss structures for our exhibition stands that each offer strength and efficiency in different ways.

This type of stand structure is available in all shapes and sizes, giving you more flexibility for choice. The rigid framework is suitable for temporary uses due to its portability and can be displayed outside during summer events.

This flexibility provides a solution for setting up your stand for numerous trade shows and events and is great value for money compared to some of the other models available.

What are the Benefits?

Lightweight and Durable

These stands are lightweight and durable for repeated usage, making it easy for transportation. This is also a benefit when considering the storage of the stand when not in use.

Our stand is lined with plastic and internally made from aluminium for hidden strength and longer-lasting quality. This strong design allows the stand to be compatible with other accessories and components like screens, lighting and furniture.


In terms of the structure’s adaptability, they are specifically designed to fit any space or location as different lengths of trussing can be used in our modular stands.

We understand that everyone has different preferences in terms of the stand’s dimensions. We offer three sizes of trussing to choose from, and each design caters for additional components to be added and bolted on with no tools required. 

The Types of Truss We Offer

  • X-20 Trusswire: A foldable stand which can be adapted to fit any floor space and height. This is recommended for stands that need to fit a larger space.
  • X-145 Expowire: Made from aluminium and composite, this stand is suitable for those who would like a smaller exhibition stand.
  • X-10 Crosswire: This is the most portable stand design as it’s extremely light-weight and easy to build.


At 200m2 our mission is to provide simple and easy to use designs for our customers that display the correct vision of your business.

For more information on these designs and how you can hire or buy your own stand for your next exhibition, get in touch with us at 200m2 here. One of our experts would be happy to discuss which exhibition stand is best suited for you.