X-Sketch: 200m2’s Exhibition Stand Designs

Here at 200m2 we give our clients all the say in how they want their stand to look and what they want to be included. To aid this process we created our piece of design software called the X-Sketch, this allows our customers to customise and design their stands exactly how they want it.

Our modular stands mean that our customers can have greater control over their design and are able to be heavily involved in the process. This software is arguably the easiest piece of exhibition design software out there which means that anyone can use it.

Using this software, you can design and redesign your stand until it’s 100% perfect for your business. You can reconfigure the stand yourself using the software which is made into a reality using our range of modular stands. We can create the stand that you design in real life.

In this video you can see just how easy the software is to use and see just some of the features that are available for you to use:

You have complete flexibility and the freedom to create what you want with no input or all the input you need – whatever will work for you. This piece of software can be used as many times as you need to so you are able to redesign your modular stand virtually depending on your exhibition space. This allows you to prepare and plan for every exhibition using this one tool.

It is so easy to use and has a very intuitive layout to make this design tool accessible for all of our customers. We think that this piece of software is vital for our customers to use when designing their stands and also when preparing for shows, this is why we do not feel it would be right to charge you for our software. It is completely free to download and is compatible with both windows and mac computers.

You can even print off your designs to work from when you are assembling your stand at an exhibition. Why don’t you have a go at designing your very own exhibition stand and see what you can create: Download here.

Designing your own exhibition stand is not everyone’s cup of tea and some of you just may not have the time, we will design your stand for you free of charge if you do not want to design it yourselves. The choice is yours and there is no obligation even if we do design it for you!