Latex Printing / Eco-Latex

Latex printing, also known as Eco-Latex printing, is a modern print technology that uses water based inks to minimize any negative impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly latex print is completely odourless, safe and 100% environment-friendly, while maintaining a superior print quality.

As a direct consequence, eco printing is rapidly becoming a popular choice over traditional digital print technologies for exhibition stands and other large-format applications.


The most popular printed materials are:

  • Wallart (various types of wallpapers)
  • Monomer foil
  • Phototex
  • N-tex Fabric
  • Whiteback paper

Due to the lack of odour, latex-printed products are often used indoors. Consequently, they are perfect for the exhibitions, conference and stage show applications.

Imprints made with this technology are extremely durable and can be stretched as required. It is no surprise therefore that eco-latex is often used for sign writing and the branding of vehicles.

There is another advantage of latex print which is often overlooked by print buyers. Unlike other commercial print technologies, latex printed materials are ready for use immediately after they have been removed from the printer.

Without the need for curing, the time from job creation to delivery is therefore shortened making this type of print perfect for time sensitive applications. This applies also to foils so they can be applied immediately after printing.

Whatever your print requirement, we’d welcome the chance to provide you with a quote.

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