Exhibition Stands: Truss and Gantry Systems

Exhibition truss stand at a show

If you want to attract more people to your exhibition stand our truss and gantry exhibition stand solutions provide a very professional eye catching design at a price equivalent to some shell schemes.

Exhibition Stand trussing systems, also known as gantry systems, come in many shapes and sizes and comprise a rigid framework that creates a temporary structure and can even be used outdoors. Giving you a large degree of flexibility and value for money when budgeting for an exhibition stand solution for your business.

The strong lightweight modular exhibition stand trussing system is ideal for creating a visual impact at events and exhibitions. Use your trussing stand again and again in the same or different configurations, keeping your future exhibition costs to an absolute minimum.

Lightweight & Transportable Exhibition Stand Solutions

Our exhibition stand trussing system is simple to assemble with no tools required. This means you’ll also save on both build and dismantle costs and your trussing stand will generally pack down into the back of most estate cars.

These exhibition stand truss systems are lightweight and strong resulting in lower costs of transportation and storage than conventionally used exhibition materials. The strength comes from the aluminium inner tubing which is then covered with a strong injection moulded composite plastic. This finish gives the product a toughened exterior which will show very little wear over the years. Another advantage with our exhibition stand trussing systems is that they can also be used with a wide variety of components including plasma screens, lighting, shelving, reception tables and storage.

Flexible & Expandable Exhibition Stands

From small display panels to large complex structures over two floors, trussing systems can be used to create extremely impressive exhibition stands. Flexibility is the main advantage as different lengths of trussing can be used to create structures in virtually any space.

To reconfigure your exhibition stand to fit different areas simply purchase additional components to bolt on. If you want to rebrand or deliver a new message change your banners (£25 per square meter), you get a brand new stand design for a fraction of the cost.

There are three sizes of trussing systems that can be used to build any size of stand and fit whatever footprint you require. The modular frame is easy to assemble and has attachable banners.

200m2 aims to bring simplicity, no tools, modular, versatile, easy to build and designing a vision!

We offer 3 sizes of exhibition trussing systems, from small exhibition solutions to large event and stage gantry truss:

  • Easy to build and extremely lightweight. The most portable exhibition stand system.

    View X-10 CROSSwire
  • The most popular modular exhibition stand system. Made from aluminium and composite.

    View X-15 EXPOwire
  • Foldable exhibition trussing which can be adapted to suit any floor space or height.

    View X-20 TRUSSwire
  • Transport your exhibition stand equipment safely with our unique collapsable flight cases.

    View F-10 Flight Cases