X-PO Light

X-PO Light is an innovative LED (Light Emitting Diode) backlight system for exhibition and display panels. Designed primarily for the exhibition display sector, X-PO Light transforms printed display banners into stunning backlit displays.

X-Po exhibition light components

X-PO Light can transform old display banners into highly modern light boxes. With multiple sizes and combinations available, the X-PO Light system is compatible with all X-Module exhibition trussing products!


X-PO Light Advantages

As a general rule, exhibition light boxes are extremely expensive. Typically made from glass, they are usually very heavy and are awkward to assemble, transport and store. X-PO Light is completely different!

Designed to fit behind printed banners, X-PO Light uses low energy LED technology to create extremely effective displays. Given the rigidity of the structure comes from the trussing framework, the lighting element of X-PO Light is extremely lightweight. It is also extremely cost effective and significantly less expensive than traditional back-lit displays.


1Visually Stunning

Create stunning displays and bring your stand to life with LED back-lighting.



Structural rigidity comes from the exhibition trussing framework thereby saving weight.


3Fast Assembly

Attach the light box behind the display banner. Attach the transformer. Let there be light!


4Cost Effective

The most affordable back lighting system for display graphics in the world? We think so!


X-PO Light Compatibility

X-PO Light is compatible with the entire X-Module exhibition stand range. There are four solutions in our modular exhibition stand range. From smallest to largest, they are: CROSSwire (X-10), EXPOwire (X-15) and TRUSSwire (X-20).


  • Easy to build and extremely lightweight. The most portable exhibition stand system.

    View X-10 CROSSwire
  • The most popular modular exhibition stand system. Made from aluminium and composite.

    View X-15 EXPOwire
  • Foldable exhibition trussing which can be adapted to suit any floor space or height.

    View X-20 TRUSSwire
  • Transport your exhibition stand equipment safely with our unique collapsable flight cases.

    View F-10 Flight Cases