Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you find the immediate answers you need:

What is a trussing/gantry exhibition system?

A truss is essentially a triangulated system of (usually) straight interconnected structural elements – an assembly of beams or other elements that creates a rigid structure. Trussing comes in varying lengths, and is very light and very strong in design.

What are the benefits of using a trussing/gantry?

Trussing is light weight, strong, easy to assemble, easy to store and transport, great value for money, reusable, and best of all it can fit into any space.

Is the kit strong? I heard it was made of plastic?

The system is made from 4 aluminium poles which create very strong lengths of truss/gantry. The poles are then encased in composite moulded recycled plastic, making them very durable. We can supply certification on the load-bearing capacity of the stands, just get in touch if you need specifics.

Is there just one type of trussing/gantry system?

No, we have 3 different systems depending on the size and look of the stand you are creating. All three systems have the basic trussing/gantry design; X-10 (10cm square), X-15 (15cm square), and X-20 (20cm square), and this model is made from foldable trussing.

What is foldable trussing?

Our X-20 product looks like the standard gantry you will see at the theatre or on a stage at a concert, but our system folds flat, making them brilliant to transport and store.

What does modular solution mean?

Modular means that no matter what the floor size of your stand, our systems can be made to fit.

Is the system easy to assemble?

Yes, really easy. It’s like a Lego or Meccano set. The parts are locked together by M6 finger screws, this gives a secure locking ensuring the frame is strong and stable. We can assist with more complex drawings free of charge.

Do you have any free software so we can make our own stand designs?

We do, just download our X-Sketch from our sister website free of charge:

Do I need specialised tools to assemble the stand?

No, the kit is designed to be easy to assemble without the need for tools. If using the X-20 model you can use a small power drill to make things a little quicker if you wish.

Can you easily store the kit when not in use?

Yes, the kit packs down into easily manageable parts – we can offer canvas cases or full collapsible 9mm birch ply flight cases should you need these.

How do you transport the kit?

We would recommend you use our own collapsable flight cases: strong, light and you can flat pack when not in use.

What if we change our designs?

No problem, this is where our systems work best, as the system can be made to fit any size stand. We keep a list of the stock you hold, so we can re design your stand to fit the new space using as many of your existing parts as possible.

Do you print the banners?

Yes, we have a partner company in Poland. The print is on high quality fabric and gives a beautiful print and finish. Banners are easily attached to the system. We will assist with all dimensions and designs if required.

Are banners expensive to replace?

No, they range from £20 to £55 per square meter for a fully finished banner. Delivery to the UK free of charge.

Can you help with the design of the banners?

Yes, we have an in house designer. We charge £55 per hour and we can get a lot done in this time. On completion the files belong to you.

Can you help with the stand design?

Yes, it’s all part of our service free of charge, even if you don’t buy!

Can you store the kit for me?

Yes, this can be arranged, please let us know if you require this.

Can you build the stand and take it away?

Yes, this can be arranged, please let us know if you require this and we’ll be happy to talk you through our services.

Do you offer rentals?

We used to offer rentals but this has become less and less popular. Prices have come right down, meaning it’s almost as cheap to buy. If you are planning on attending more than one exhibition in a small space of time, then it’s much better to buy. If you want to discuss rentals versus purchasing and aren’t sure which is best for you, feel free to give us a ring and we can discuss the pros and cons with you.

Is your kit environmentally friendly?

We are always working hard to make sure we as environmentally friendly as possible, we can offer you eco banners and our composite plastic is recycled plastic.

Can the kit hold much weight?

Yes, we have tested the safe working load of all components, certificates can be sent on request.

I only have a small budget, is it worth contacting you?

Yes, you can buy a simple 2 metre wall for just a few hundred pounds. You can then build up your stock of modular parts to expand your options as and when your budget allows.

Why not just order a shell scheme from the exhibition organisers?

Shell schemes are OK, but you’ll look like every other exhibitor at the exhibition. Use our kit, go higher and get noticed. You will look more professional, you will have an eye catching stand and we guarantee you more foot fall if you have a unique stand!

We hope you found the answers you’re looking for. If not, and you have something you’d wish to further discuss, please get in contact with our team at 200m2, and we’ll be happy to help out.


  • Easy to build and extremely lightweight. The most portable exhibition stand system.

    View X-10 CROSSwire
  • The most popular modular exhibition stand system. Made from aluminium and composite.

    View X-15 EXPOwire
  • Foldable exhibition trussing which can be adapted to suit any floor space or height.

    View X-20 TRUSSwire
  • Transport your exhibition stand equipment safely with our unique collapsable flight cases.

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