How Can Having an Exhibition Stand Benefit Your Company?

How Can Having an Exhibition Stand Benefit Your Company?

While contributing to an exhibition may seem like a big investment for your business, there are many benefits that this can bring for your company to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Having an exhibition stand will bring a personal touch to your marketing, giving you and your colleagues the opportunity to positively present your business and engage with your audience in real life.

Generating Quality Leads and Relationships

For each and every exhibition your business attends, you are presenting your company to a large audience who are most likely attending because they have a strong interest in your industry or in the services that you and your fellow exhibitors have to offer.

When planning a high-quality and precise sales strategy with your accompanying business goals in advance, an exhibition stand provides your company with the opportunity to visually and personally interact with your audience. Depending on the quality of stands that you invest in, exhibition stands can aid in presenting the relevant graphics, audio and banners to grab your audience’s attention.

This strategy also contributes to building strong and meaningful customer relationships that will be valuable in attaining them to your brand and for the future. By speaking to you or your event staff face to face, exhibitions give you a marketing platform that is more genuine and intimate, compared to an email. When communicating in person, the discussions you have with our audience are bound to be more detailed and tailored to what they are looking for.

Strengthen Your Brand

Exhibitions are going to be full of stands that are in the same industry as you, which can be useful in helping you to work out what your competitors are doing well and maybe not so well. This will help to identify the ever-changing trends within the industry and stay up to date with other contenders in the same sector.

Furthermore, having an exhibition stand is a great way to expand your brand with other possible vendors that can bring even more to your business. This could be in the form of suppliers, partners and even introducers.

Your Existing Customers

You most likely already have an extensive list of customers interested and involved with your services, however having an exhibition stand means that you can continue to build on your relationships with your clients and keep them interested.

Exhibitions are a great way to display any new products, services and discounts you have to offer, to sustain your current audience as well as building it.

It has been calculated on average that face to face marketing has a much higher conversion rate than other approaches, as nearly half of those who attend make at least a single purchase.

Finding a Successful Strategy

With such a large and mixed audience to please, exhibitions are a great way to mix up your sales pitch to figure out what works better than others.

This is also an effective way to customise your presentation to individuals instead of approaching everyone in the same way.


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Modular Exhibition Stands vs. Portable Displays

Modular Exhibition Stands vs. Portable Displays

As technology evolves and creations become more advanced, there are hundreds of exhibition set-ups and displays out there, but which one is right for you? With so many to choose from, each exhibition stand and display is compatible for different brand exhibitions, depending on a variety of features like the size of your market and what the exhibition is for.  

We’re aware that different companies require additional features when choosing their set-up to cater for maximum interaction and engagement, but can’t quite decide what’s best for them. We’re here to make it easier for you, so here’s a way to make your decision simpler, providing you with the pros and cons of both modular exhibition stands and portable displays. 

Modular Exhibition Stands 

An obvious benefit of this model is their portability. This model can be efficiently moved and transported, due to its carefully designed, multi-pieced structure. The modular stand can be broken down into much smaller segments so it can fit into more of a compact environment, making them a lot more manageable than other designs. This feature would be particularly beneficial if you’re planning an event or exhibition in various locations, within the same period. This provides a stress-free solution for transportation of your stand, being able to store them into a smaller environment. The question you’re probably asking yourself is ‘how small can these stands really be broken down to?’. Well the magic behind this design is that they’re small enough to be stored in small cars and vans, saving you the stress and money of hiring a more complex transport company.  

The benefits don’t stop there! This model’s light-weight design makes them even more manageable and makes delivery easier, when being sourced by the courier. Heavier designs like those that are custom built, unfortunately don’t have this quality and will require being packaged and transported by a professional courier service, requiring hiring trucks and much larger vehicles. This is not only costly for businesses but is also inconvenient for transport timing as a lot of locations are difficult to access in this way.  

When considering the general set-up of your stand, it is important to be aware that depending on the type of stand, many can require a large work force to construct them and can take a very long time. Fortunately, modular stands are one of the most time effective models and don’t require a lot of work. Taking as little as 6 hours to set up, this style can be built by a small team of just 3 people, and no special tools are required. 

Furthermore, the various graphic applications that are compatible to this design make them more interactive for the audience and create much more of an impact to the more standard and early-staged designs that can be offered. Considering this technical addition of light boxes and various displays, these modular exhibition stands are pretty good in terms of pricing, as the purchase price would be earnt back after just a few shows, making it more of an investment than a purchase. This means that over time you can add to your stand, making it more advanced.  

Reduce, reuse, recycle!  

Sustainability is key where possible so reusing what you can is a major advantage. The framework of these stands is maintained as they can be dismantled and re-mantled, instead of being permanently attached together. 

These features allow this particular model to be environmentally friendly and provide convenience when not only setting up the stand, but also transporting it to various locations. However, when considering the model that’s appropriate for you, its important to consider your budget and what features you require for your exhibition to be more successful.  

Portable Displays  

Are you a smaller company, planning on hosting more of a compact exhibition? Then portable displays may be more compatible to your needs. If you’re looking to take your company on tour, then look no further! 

To make life super easy, this model comes in a travel case to make them easy to move and transport by hand as opposed to a vehicle. This eliminates any extra costs towards transporting the structure and can simply be carried instead. These designs come in a range of sizes, some smaller than others so some of the larger formats may be more difficult to transportbut as a whole these models are made to be versatile and easy to store. 

Portable displays, also known as ‘pop-up’ displays are just like they sound. As opposed to being put together like the modular display, these exhibition stands are a lot simpler in terms of being set up. These pop-up stands also provide a lot more flexibility to suit your brand’s requirements. Whilst they sound like a smaller alternative, these stands can be customised to a range of shapes and sizes to best promote your business.  

There are many misconceptions that the portable display is of a lower quality to many other models as its easier to set up and is generally a lot smaller. However, these structures are made to last and are made to a high quality so that they can be reused over and over again 

What are the different types? 

Depending on sizing and what they’ll be used for, portable displays come in different forms. For example, if your exhibition requires the display of graphics, a flexible fabric display may be suitable, providing a fabric sheet to project images, text and various displays.  

Additionally, banner stands on the other hand are free standing and consist of a smaller panel, which is handy for a smaller business that doesn’t intend to involve graphics and some of the more advanced features.  


There are many exhibition stands available to suit every business’ exact requirements, coming in all shapes and sizes and a variety of costs. It is important to consider budget, time management and your preferred sizing when deciding which exhibition stand, as every model is different. We understand that there is a lot to choose from so we hope that this blog will help you find what is appropriate for your brand and kick start your ongoing and successful exhibitions! 

Getting Your Staff Ready for Exhibition Day

Getting Your Staff Ready for Exhibition Day

You’ve got your exhibition set-up ready to go and you’ve employed your staff to champion your company, but where do you go from here? Below is a guide to success on how you can get your event staff prepared to a quality and professional standard, ready for exhibition day! 

The face of your company is what drives people’s interest to your business, on the day of your exhibition. When finding out about what your company has to offer, potential prospects want a friendly face to interact with and face to face marketing is the most powerful and friendly way to communicate with your audience and generate sales.  

Your event-staff team are the most valuable aspect of your exhibition and their prime job is to educate your audience about your business and convince them that your services and offerings are above and beyond everyone else’s. No staff means no success! To achieve maximum sales and interaction, read on to see the different ways and methods that you can get your team prepared… 

First Impressions 

Your crew member’s face is the first thing your audience will see, and a friendly face is key to driving your customers to engage with your event and to invest their time into learning about your company background and ideals. A polite and friendly welcome adds a personal touch and flatters prospects, making their initial experience with your brand welcoming and personalised. A good first impression already begins to build a positive relationship with a customer and gain customer loyalty, making them want to invest their time into your company instead of feeling like they have to. 

Small gestures alone like saying “please” and “thank you” go a long way with your audience, making them feel respected. A good combination of polite qualities doesn’t go unnoticed by the client and makes them feel prioritised by your company.  

Patience is Key! 

Try not to ramble on too much about the company and instead, really take the time to find out about the client and engage with them personally. A method to overcome this could be to prepare a list of questions for your staff, to help them engage with potential prospects. This will help them identify sale needs. This will allow you to personalise your sales approach and work out the best ways to present them with what you can offer them. Your staff may be there to sell your business aspects but the last thing your audience wants is yet another salesperson pestering them about things they’re not interested in. Your event staff are there to make them interested!  

Instead of focusing on quick sales and diving straight into what you want from the audience, slowly get to know them and ease them into taking an interest, leaving them wanting to find out more. Let your audience lead the way and move at their pace. A top tip is not force-feeding your clients with information but gradually telling them what they want to hear and when they want to hear it. A patient approach is a successful approach! 

Knowledge Exchange 

How can you depend on your exhibition increasing sales if your staff aren’t clued up on your company? Your customers are bound to ask various questions, so they are aware of what they’re about to invest in, so getting the answer they’re looking for is a necessity! 

A preparation technique for all your exhibition staff is to make sure they’re thoroughly educated on what you do, how you do it and why you’re better than everyone else. Writing a brief script covering the key areas of your business sets your staff up for all the questions that they’ll be asked and allow them to give the satisfactory answers that the audience are looking for. A professional and educated response will be encouraging for your customers and will convince them that your services are the ones they’re looking for. 

However, we advise that your employees revise the script and don’t fully rely on this when communicating with prospects as the conversation should be natural and convincing.  

Maximum Engagement 

We’re aware that interacting with strangers can be daunting, especially when you’re trying to find out new information. In order to make your audience feel comfortable, your staff will need to have a confident attitude so that the customer doesn’t feel like they’re making all the effort. Standing back and waiting for people to approach you is going to affect the amount of sales you make, so staff members will need to engage with exhibition members but in a way that is friendly and polite 

Whilst approaching your prospects is a must, this will need to be carried out in a casual and less overwhelming manner, showing dedication to your customer interaction. A proven method to a successful sales process is enthusiasm towards the client. Avoid making the conversation dull and repetitive and instead make it enthusiastic yet professional at the same time. It is important to personalise your tone when proposing sales to your audience, as some will take to more of a professional tone and others perhaps a more friendly one. 


With these top tips, your exhibition team will send sales through the roof for your business, with their friendly face and top notch enthusiasm about why your company is worth investing in! 

How to Effectively Use Your Exhibition Space

How to Effectively Use Your Exhibition Space

Sometimes, your exhibition space isn’t ideal – you’re left with only a small amount of space and can’t do everything you wanted with your stand. You might think at first that this will have a negative impact on your marketing efforts and your results. However, there are ways and means to make the most out of your space to help you get the best results.

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