How to Acquire Leads from Your Exhibition Stand

How to Acquire Leads from Your Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions are a great, interactive way to meet new prospects and generate leads. Whilst this is a traditional marketing method, it still acquires great success for brand recognition through targeted conversation.

Are you wondering how your exhibition stand could expand your list of potential leads? Read our blog to discover some great tips and ways to improve!

Promoting Your Stand

First impressions make a huge difference, so creating brand awareness before the event will catch the eyes of potential leads.

Using social media platforms and email newsletters to promote your company’s attendance at an exhibition will encourage even more ticket purchases. This will associate the event with your brand and persuade visitors to look out for your stand on the day.

Short and interesting subject lines will increase the open rates of your emails and clear ‘calls to action’ across all your platforms will also increase engagement.

Another good way to promote your stand is to advertise something you’ll be doing at the exhibition, like a competition, showing you aren’t solely talking about business but instead providing entertainment and a friendly face.

 Your Stand Design

Your stand design should really represent your brand as this is the first thing prospects will see and associate with your company. It should display a clear brand persona, including your logo and any key colours that are recurring across your website and other marketing platforms.

Displaying a clear message is also important to initially show visitors what your brand is about and make them want to come and say hi when they see you.

Ensuring this information is short, snappy and relevant to your company will provide exhibition visitors with the information they need about whether they can benefit from your services. Portraying relevant details across your banners will also encourage your leads to come to you.


A key factor in acquiring leads is giving them the chance to win free prizes from competitions, because who doesn’t love free gifts?

This is a great way to interact with potential leads, get to know them and strike up a conversation while they’re getting involved.

Game-based competitions have proven to be a great hit at gaining interest from visitors in an entertaining way. They also encourage prospects to come back to your stand through the day to see if they’ve won.


Exchanging company business cards through a competition, or general conversation, allows you to give your prospects a follow-up call to retain their interest in your services and shows you haven’t forgotten about their participation.

Adding your leads on social media will also show a personalised approach and that you care about their company. It is encouraged that your follow-up response is done soon after the event in order to acquire their interest.


For more information on acquiring leads from exhibitions and events, contact 200m2! We’d love to discuss how this could benefit your business and what stands could be appropriate for you.

Exhibition Printing for Your Stand

Exhibition Printing for Your Stand

Standing out to the crowd when exhibiting is key to attracting new leads to your stand. What better way to do this than with a quality branded banner to catch their eye?

Exhibition printing is a great solution to representing your brand while showcasing what you can offer to your audience. There are many forms of printing available, each for different purposes.

This blog provides information about the different types of printing services that can be offered and why you should consider these when customising your stand.

Flat-Bed Printing

This form of printing specialises in producing larger graphics that can be printed on flat materials. It is an extremely precise and high-quality printing technique with great durability. This is beneficial when considering storage, transport and dismantling your stand, so you can rest assured that your graphics will stay intact.

The high-quality printing gives users the option to display their banners and sign outdoors, semi-permanently, due to the weather-resistant display. However, this is dependent on the base material – with certain materials, like hard PVC, being the most appropriate for outdoor use.

The inks involved in this process are ‘light-curing’, meaning UV light is used to instantly dry the inks applied to the base, encouraging a longer-lasting product.

Roll Material Printing

A process that involves digital printing, roll printing uses roll materials, such as foils, that can be easily joined together. This is another method for larger printing requirements as it is possible to print an image to practically any size that is requested.

The combination of high-quality inks and digital printing technology makes this another method that is suitable for indoors and outdoors. Printing can also be performed single or double-sided, on many desired materials.

Roll material printing does not require any additional protection in sustaining the graphics due to the use of solvent and light-curing UV, which will resist any external factors that could harm the quality.

Latex Printing

This can also be referred to as eco-latex printing and uses water-based inks to create exhibition graphics.

It is in high demand for wallpapers and is also eco-friendly, so you can rest assured that this is a safe and convenient printing method for your stand.

Ready to use straight from the printer, this form of print is odour-free and extremely durable.

For larger stands, latex printing could be the best option for you as the graphics can be stretched to meet your standards and formatted to any size.

Textile Printing

If you’re looking to include fabric banners or flags to your exhibition stand, textile printing could be for you!

Digital sublimation printing is the process that creates printed graphics onto textiles. This is an alternative and a much higher-quality solution to any other fabric printing process as it features no loss of resolution to your images.

The permanence of the printing quality means that fabrics can be ironed and even washed without impacting the graphic quality. Folding or bending the material also has no effect on the quality and it is even resistant to most weather conditions, including sunlight.

When considering an environmentally friendly printing method, subliminal printing is the best option as it avoids the use of plastic boards and banners as a base material and instead sources the same high-quality images on fabrics.


200m2  source a range of alternative printing methods, all providing high-quality graphics and long-lasting results.


If you’d like to find out more you can find our printing page here.

For more information on these services, contact us at 200m2.

Exhibition Marketing – After the Show

Exhibition Marketing – After the Show

The key to marketing after an exhibition is to create an effective follow up plan. This is essentially the only way to get the leads you’ve captured interested in your business (if they aren’t already) and encourage people to engage with your products or services. 

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Exhibition Marketing: During the Show

Exhibition Marketing: During the Show

If you missed our previous blog post about nailing your exhibition marketing before the event takes place, make sure to read it before you read this post in order to get the full picture.

Once you’re already at the exhibition a lot of your marketing should have already taken place and you should have a strong plan in place for your marketing on the day.

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Exhibition Marketing: Before the Show

Exhibition Marketing: Before the Show

Your exhibition marketing is key throughout every single stage of the exhibition process – without it, you could see your stand flop, or your follow up methods fail.

In this mini blog series, we are going to take you through the musts of exhibition marketing before, during and after your event or exhibition to make sure you get the most out of the event as possible.

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