Benefits of Outsourcing Your Exhibition Event Management

Running a successful event or exhibition stand can be complex and sometimes stressful, so the option to outsource is taken by many business owners, but what are the benefits of using this service?

Time and Cost Efficient

A big problem for many companies is the amount of time that they have to spend on their exhibition planning as well as the number of team members they can spare on the day.

An outsourced company will help your business before, during and after the exhibition. They will help to plan your stand, put it up, staff the stand as well as disassembling your stand and passing on all the information your team will require to follow up.

An exhibition requires businesses to put in the time in order to have success and get the most results possible. A management company will have the time available to put this work and planning into your stand to get the best results possible.

You and your team can work while the event is happening which means you aren’t losing a day’s work and therefore a day’s worth of payment from customers.

 Increased Focus

Many companies cannot afford to put their entire focus on an exhibition in the lead up to and even on the day of the expo. Work needs to be prioritised, and many businesses will not  have one team member spare to focus solely on the expo.

For an outsourced company, exhibitions are their sole focus, so they have the time to focus completely on your event for the planning stage but they also won’t be distracted by emails or calls on the day of the expo.

It also means you can focus on your work and building your business with the peace of mind that your exhibition stand is being taken care of.


Event management teams spend the majority of their time at exhibitions which means they will be up to date with the latest trends and be able to find the next big thing for expo stands.

They will constantly be coming up with new and innovative ways to improve the exhibition experience for visitors at your stand and improve the number of results produced.

An outsourced company are a fresh pair of eyes for your business. They may be able to see an aspect of your business that would really appeal to consumers which may not even cross your mind. They can then capitalise on this for your event.


Professionals are often used to sitting behind their desks and only really talking to customers on the phone, but at an expo they need to be constantly approaching new people and selling your brand to them. This is much easier for an agency to do as they are doing this practice every day and they know what works.

They are used to selling on behalf of other companies and will be aware of the aspects of a business which people will want to know more about or the USP’s to sell to a visitor.

The most important advantage of using an outsourced company is the fact that they will not be afraid to approach visitors in order to get the sales.