Exhibition stand design trends!

Unsurprisingly, design trends have a direct influence within the exhibitions sector as organisations try to build the latest design and style elements into their marketing promotions.

So what should we be looking out for in 2015?

With advances in digital print, organisations are being much more adventurous when it comes to their exhibition display panels. Strong headlines, especially 3D rendered headlines, are becoming dominant across all types of marketing.  Easy to read and impactful fonts make everything quicker and simpler for the customer to understand.  In today’s society, people crave more information in a faster way!

The imagery on display at shows and exhibitions is also changing.  With the recent advances in large-format exhibition printing, organisations are increasingly changing their signage for each individual show.  What’s more, the type of imagery is changing too.  Infographics are being used more and more as opposed to stock images of brands or products.

Colour plays a huge part when designing an exhibition stand as it will directly reflect the brand’s identity and personality. Exhibition stands of the future will incorporate huge use of colour as an emotional tool to engage audiences.


The new popularity of light effects will increase the use of LED light boxes and fractured light to highlight products.

We have talked about interactive exhibition stands in our blog before! New technologies like touch screens and interactive walls, allow users to become part of the exhibition stand.  Building some sort of fun element into the stand is a great way to attract passers-by and start a conversation!

More and more organisations are realising that modular exhibition stands allow them to quickly adapt their displays to different environments.  This allows organisations to quickly react to last minute exhibition space offers.

Go Green!
Eco exhibition stands is still a hot topic within the sector.  More businesses will want to be perceived as being sustainable by using clever design ideas and structures made from recycled materials.

All in all 2015 is going to be exciting year for exhibition stand design. We look forward to helping you bring your own ideas to life!  Why not call us on 020 333 200 92 to find out how we can help.