Best Exhibition Giveaways!

Best Exhibition Giveaways!

Are exhibition giveaways a good way to attract footfall to your exhibition stand and build awareness of your brand? Or do most of them end up in the bin and are therefore a waste of money?

The answer is that some are incredibly useful, whereas others aren’t. Understanding your audience and aligning giveaways with your key objectives are the keys to success.

Objective 1: Brand Awareness

If you’re hoping to gain more brand awareness, your exhibition giveaways should focus on visibility. Your giveaways need to be designed entirely around your brand name and logo and be the type of item that people would actually use and see value in.  If you work in the B2B sector, your aim is for people to use them in the workplace, thereby increasing visibility.

What works?

  • Branded post-it notes
  • Branded teabags
  • High quality mouse mats


Objective 2: Brand Proposition

If you have a certain message that you want to convey at a trade show, then your giveaways could provide useful visual reminders. Many companies still choose to produce brochures however these are often lost amongst a massive pile and are never read.  Brochures and case studies can be emailed to clients or pre-loaded on to a branded USB stick. Technology like qbit will help you to connect with your visitors without loading them up with expensive and heavy printed brochures.

What works?

  • A competition where people have to answer one or more questions about your latest product can be a great way to educate people about your new product or service!

Objective 3: Building Contacts

Finding the right business card after an event and remembering each specific conversation can be a challenge. This is where online data capture tool like qbit really help.  More and more show organisers are including QR codes on delegate badges for this reason.

What works?

  • Prize draws in exchange for business cards – sign up to our newsletter!
  • Coffee – Good-quality free coffee is the holy grail of trade-show giveaways! What’s more, visitors will stay on your stand while they drink i

So which are the best exhibition giveaways? In conclusion, they are the ones which your target audience will see value in.  They must also align closely with your exhibition objectives.  At 200m2, we provide a complete range of exhibition services from exhibition management to exhibition logistics. Call  020 333 200 92 to find out more!


Why exhibition stands matter!

Why exhibition stands matter!

The importance of having an effective exhibition stand can’t be underestimated. It’s the place where your clients and prospects get to know your business, products and sales team – consequently, it’s important to make the most of the opportunity!

Here at 200m2 we provide a range of exhibition services aimed at getting the most out of events and exhibitions.  So why do exhibition stands matter? Here’s our top five most important reasons!

Define Your Brand

Exhibition stands define a company and convey important messages about the brand, so make sure your main products are clearly stated and prominently placed. A confused or untidy stand does not inspire confidence or help to increase sales!

Cardboard Exhibition Stands - 200m2 Exhibition Stands

Meet New Prospects

Your exhibition stand is the main place to meet prospects and build relationships, so you need to make it warm, welcoming and business like.  Invest in comfortable seating areas and arm your sales staff with the information they need to close deals!

Stands Can Sell

Your display stand needs to have clear information about benefits, costs and return on investment. Large images and graphics will catch the eye and help sell your product or service. Plan your exhibition stand design from the point of view of those attending the show. This means that if you are attending events in different countries your messages may need to have a different focus.

Unique Selling Points

It is important to stress your unique selling points – the things that make your business stand out. It might be the experience you have in the industry, how well you know the country or your  experience in a particular sector. Whatever it is, hammer it home in as many ways as possible.


Think Global!

For international companies, it is vital that you take your brand to different countries around the world. Modular exhibition stands can be used time and time again, so provide great value for money. Modular stands are often the best option as they are designed to slot together to fit different floor sizes and restrictions.

200m2 offers a range of exhibition services, from initial briefing to stand design, delivery and installation. We also ship stands internationally. So not give us a call on 020 333 200 92 to see how we can help with your next show!




Exhibition Stand Technology!

Exhibition Stand Technology!

It’s a fact that most children would would prefer a trip to the fun fair over an extra maths lesson!  You do not have to be a child psychologist to work this one out!  But why?  The answer is simply because kids love to be entertained!

As we grow into adults, we learn to suppress the constant need for entertainment.  BUT… we certainly don’t mind if some fun is brought into our professional lives either.  It’s no surprise that the ‘corporate entertainment’ sector is a massively profitable business sector in its own right!

The same principles can be applied to your exhibition stands.  Keep people entertained and they’ll stay for longer.  Keep the experience interesting and visitors to your stand are much more likely to interact with you.  Initiating a dialogue on an exhibition can often be the hardest part.

Used correctly, technology can unlock people’s interest and start conversations which can lead to long-term business relationships.  So what is the best way to integrate technology into your exhibition stands? Here are 200m2’s ‘Top Tips’!

Virtual Reality

Now known as augmented reality, the name doesn’t change the fact that this innovative technology could prove highly effective at exhibitions.  Augmented reality allows exhibitors to give customers tours and demonstrations of facilities and products that are too big, or noisy, to be able to physically bring to their display stand.  Whilst this creates a very memorable experience, this method can also present much more details when compared to traditional charts and product brochures.


Live Tweeting

Is Twitter the best social media platform for exhibitions? Absolutely not! But Twitter is a far more immediate form of social media and it can be extremely engaging. Create your own #hashtag to create a discussion around a particular stand.

Exhibition Stands And The Mobile World

Exhibitions are fantastic opportunities to unveil products. This is because there is already an air of excitement surrounding major events and exhibitions. Capitalise on this opportunity by creating mobile apps that people visiting a stand can download.  Aside from offering information and promotions, companies can use mobile platforms for future marketing efforts.

Moving Logos

Using large electronic screens to display animated logos is not only useful for catching people’s eyes. The screens can be used for a variety of other purposes. If the products on your exhibition stand require explanation, you can use screens for presentations.  You might also want to use the screens to display information via the company’s website, blog etc.

Engage With Video

If there is a large amount of attention surrounding your display, you can retain the interest of people on the outskirts of the crowd by showing interesting video content on your display screens. This can be footage that was shot prior to the event, feature interviews or event product demonstrations.

If you like the idea of using technology to appeal to people’s inate need for excitement, 200m2 can certainly help.  For more information, give us a call on +44 (0)20 333 200 92.

Foldable Exhibition Trussing: The Benefits!

Foldable Exhibition Trussing: The Benefits!

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of trussing for exhibitions, stage shows and conferences, we often get asked what sets our products apart.  There are many reasons why 200m2’s products outshine the competition but there is one aspect which is truly unique. Our fully patented X-20 TRUSSwire product is a foldable trussing solution, allowing easy transportation and storage!

As a hinged trussing solution, TRUSSwire can be stored completely flat in it’s own durable carry cases.  With a 20cm by 20cm profile when extended, TRUSSwire is extremely strong and robust.  What’s more, it’s internal alumunium core and scratch resistant composite outer, make it lightweight yet extremely durable. TRUSSwire can even be used outdoors!

Photo of TRUSSwire foldable exhibition trussing

Gone are the days when you need a large team of exhibition stand contractors to help you build and dismantle your stand.  With TRUSSwire, you can set up even medium to large sized stands in under an hour! Simply unfold your stand from its container and fold it away again after the show. Folding exhibition trussing saves time and therefore money!

Whereas most trussing is silver in colour (being made from aluminium or steel), our trussing comes in black or white as standard. In fact, depending on the size of the order, we can make trussing in virtually any colour!  Match your trussing infrastructure to your brand colours!


When assembled, our range of graphic display panels simply click into place between the trussing framework. Choose from a wide selection of materials and environmentally friendly inks.  Add LED back-lighting panels to create stunning back-lit displays.

A wide range of accessories complete the look: from TV screens and brochure holders to leaflet racks and reception counters. TRUSSwire can be scaled to virtually height or width!

So when you’re planning your next exhibition, why not get in touch!  With a wide range of purchase and leasing options, our modular trussing options are the perfect complement to your marketing programme.




How to choose which trade shows to attend?

How to choose which trade shows to attend?

Here at 200m2 Exhibitions, we often get asked the same series of questions when exhibitors are upgrading their exhibition stand infrastructure.  One of the most common questions we hear at this time of year is “How should we choose which shows to attend?”

The fact that your company operates in a particular sector (e.g. real estate), does not mean that every event with ‘real estate’ in the title or description will be relevant.  If you’re thinking of exhibiting at a show for the first time, do your due diligence first!  When looking at a new trade show, ask yourself the following questions.  And keeping asking these questions until you receive some favourable responses!

  • Will this show attract the type of visitor we want to meet?
  • How many of our competitors attend this show?
  • What stand numbers are free and who is next door?
  • How do the costs stack up against the next best alternatives?

Industry-specific gatherings can really help:

  1. If a company is launching a new brand / product they provide a forum to launch to a specific audience (trade, consumer or both)
  2. If a company has an immediate tactical need (e.g. stock to shift by a certain date)
  3. If a company needs to broaden its network – often excellent relationships can be initiated as a result of exhibiting alongside other exhibiting companies

Test the track-record/credibility of the event!

Is the event established in the sector?  Does it attract repeat participation by the same exhibitors?  Is the show properly promoted?  If so, where is the evidence!

As a participating exhibitor, you want to be sure that the organiser is spending real money to attract the right audience.  Ask the event organiser to supply you with copies of the media plans used to support recent events and example copies of the media coverage received.  If they cannot provide this, you may think it wise to steer clear!

Here at 200m2, we have over 20 years experience in the exhibitions industry.  If you need any pointers in choosing the right programme or the kinds of exhibition stands to use, we’d be happy to talk through any queries which you may have. Call us on +44 (0)20 333 200 92 anytime!